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  1. Albanian language - Wikipedia

    Jan 14, 2021 · Albanian (/ æ l ˈ b eɪ n i ə n /; shqip, or gjuha shqipe, [ɟ͡ʝuha ˈʃc͡çipɛ]) is an Indo-European language spoken by the Albanians in the Balkans and the Albanian diaspora in the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

  2. Capital T - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Life and career 1992–2018. Trim Ademi was born on 29 February 1992 into an Albanian family in the city of Pristina, then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, present Kosovo.

  3. Victoria (Australia) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    5 days ago · Victoria is a state in Australia, in the south-east corner of the country.Its capital, largest and most-populated city is Melbourne. Geelong is Victoria's second biggest city, Ballarat is the third and Bendigo the fourth.

    • Peace and Prosperity
    • Melbourne
    • The Garden State, On the Move, The Place to Be, The Education State
    • Coat of arms
  4. 5 days ago · Mexico (Spanish: México; official name: United Mexican States Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos, listen (help · info)) is a country in North America.Mexico is south of Texas, California and other American states.

    • - Mestizo 70%, - White 15%, - Indigenous 9.8%, - Other 1%
    • Mexican
    • 68 indigeneous languages
    • Spanish
  5. Elvana Gjata - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Elvana Gjata (Albanian pronunciation: [ɛlvana ɟata]; born 3 February 1987), also known mononymously as Elvana, is an Albanian singer, songwriter, composer, actress and entrepreneur, who has been recognised for embracing a variety of musical styles throughout her career.

  6. Abel Tasman - Wikipedia

    Abel Tasman was born around 1603 in Lutjegast, a small village in the province of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.The oldest available source mentioning him is dated 27 December 1631 when, as a seafarer living in Amsterdam, the 28-year-old became engaged to marry 21-year-old Jannetje Tjaers, of Palmstraat in the Jordaan district of the city.

  7. Ermal Mamaqi - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · Ermal Mamaqi (born 21 March 1982, Tirana) is an Albanian actor, singer, comedian, DJ, and TV host.. Mamaqi is mostly known for his appearances in Portokalli (2004-2007) and Apartment 2XL (2008-2013).

  8. Fier – Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Fier (bestämd albansk form: Fieri) är en stad och kommun i prefekturen Fier i Albanien.Fier är centralort för prefekturen med samma namn. Fier är en betydande industristad med kemiska, asfalt och oljeindustrier i orten Patos.

  9. 3 days ago · 이 문서는 2021년 1월 9일 (토) 03:56에 마지막으로 편집되었습니다. 모든 문서는 크리에이티브 커먼즈 저작자표시-동일조건변경허락 3.0에 따라 사용할 수 있으며, 추가적인 조건이 적용될 수 있습니다.

  10. ディフィー・ヘルマン鍵共有 - Wikipedia鍵共有

    ディフィー・ヘルマン鍵共有(ディフィー・ヘルマンかぎきょうゆう、 Diffie–Hellman key exchange 、DH)、あるいはディフィー・ヘルマン鍵交換(かぎこうかん)とは、事前の秘密の共有無しに、盗聴の可能性のある通信路を使って、暗号鍵の共有を可能にする暗号プロトコルである。

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