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  1. Sodium iodate can be oxidized to sodium periodate in water solutions by hypochlorites or other strong oxidizing agents: NaIO 3 + NaOCl → NaIO 4 + NaCl Uses. The main use of sodium iodate in everyday life is in iodised salt. The other compounds which are used in iodised table salt are potassium iodate, potassium iodide, and sodium iodide.

  2. Sodium periodate is an inorganic salt, composed of a sodium cation and the periodate anion.It may also be regarded as the sodium salt of periodic acid.Like many periodates, it can exist in two different forms: sodium metaperiodate (formula‍ NaIO 4) and sodium orthoperiodate (normally Na 2 H 3 IO 6, but sometimes the fully reacted salt Na 5 IO 6).

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