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  1. Sodium aluminate is an inorganic chemical that is used as an effective source of aluminium hydroxide for many industrial and technical applications. Pure sodium aluminate ( anhydrous ) is a white crystalline solid having a formula variously given as NaAlO 2 , NaAl(OH) 4 ( hydrated ), [2] Na 2 O·Al 2 O 3 , or Na 2 Al 2 O 4 .

  2. Calcium hydroxide is produced commercially by treating lime with water: CaO + H 2 O → Ca(OH) 2. In the laboratory it can be prepared by mixing aqueous solutions of calcium chloride and sodium hydroxide. The mineral form, portlandite, is relatively rare but can be found in some volcanic, plutonic, and metamorphic rocks. It has also been known ...

  3. Zinc hydroxide can be made by reacting zinc chloride or zinc sulfate with sodium hydroxide. A dilute solution of sodium hydroxide was used so the zinc hydroxide didn't dissolve. Uses. Zinc hydroxide is used to absorb blood in large bandages. These bandages are used after surgery. Related pages. Zinc bromide

  4. Copper(II) hydroxide can be made by reacting copper sulfate with sodium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide can be used, but it is more expensive. It can also be made by electrolyzing a solution of sodium bicarbonate with a copper anode. Uses. Copper(II) hydroxide is used to kill mold in paints. It can be used to color ceramics.

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