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  2. Sodium dodecyl sulfate ( SDS) or sodium lauryl sulfate ( SLS ), sometimes written sodium laurilsulfate, is an organic compound with the formula CH3(CH2)11OSO3Na and structure H 3 C − (CH 2) 11−O− S (=O) 2−O−Na+. It is an anionic surfactant used in many cleaning and hygiene products. This compound is the sodium salt of the 12-carbon organosulfate.

  3. Sodium laureth sulfate ( SLES ), an accepted contraction of sodium lauryl ether sulfate ( SLES ), also called sodium alkylethersulfate, is an anionic detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products ( soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc.) and for industrial uses. SLES is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent. [1]

    • SLES
    • sodium laureth-2 sulfate: none
    • CH₃(CH₂)₁₁(OCH₂CH₂)ₙOSO₃Na
    • Variable; typically around 421 g/mol, (288.38 + 44.05n) g/mol
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  5. Mar 1, 2023 · 1. Introduction In recent years, the global demand for surfactants has increased to about 17 million tonnes, with anionic surfactants accounting for 46% of the global surfactant consumption, which is foreseen to grow at a rate of 2.6% in the next 5 years [ 1 ].

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