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  1. Sodium polyacrylate is a chemical polymer made up of chains of acrylate compounds. It contains sodium, which gives it the ability to absorb large amounts of water. When dissolved in water, it forms a thick and transparent solution due to the ionic interactions of the molecules. Sodium polyacrylate has many favorable mechanical properties.

  2. Superabsorbent polymers are now commonly made from the polymerization of acrylic acid blended with sodium hydroxide in the presence of an initiator to form a poly-acrylic acid sodium salt (sometimes referred to as sodium polyacrylate). This polymer is the most common type of SAP made in the world today.

  3. L'aimantation d'un ferrofluide à saturation est égale, à la dilution près, à celle des matériaux qui le compose. Par exemple, un ferrofluide à base de magnétite, concentré à 15 %, possède une aimantation de 52,5 kA/m (kiloampères par mètre, 10 3 A/m) à saturation [5], [3].

  4. 聚丙烯酸鈉(英文:Sodium polyacrylate 或 acrylic sodium salt polymer),簡稱ASAP,又稱super-slurper(因為該物可以吸收質量比200到300倍的水分),是一種分子式為[-CH 2-CH(COONa)-]反覆的聚合物,經常用在消費者產品之中。丙烯酸聚合物通常都帶有陰性電荷。雖然這類高分子 ...

  5. Jun 09, 2022 · Human Translated. Pastelink is available in 12 languages, professionally translated by native speakers. If you set your browser to an available language, Pastelink will automatically load it for you.

  6. Jan 07, 2020 · 一、引言 甾体化合物(steroids)广泛存在于自然界,属于脂类的一种,特征是具有一个四环的母核。它在生物系统中最重要的角色就是作为激素,而人类生理及药理上最重要的甾体类化合物主要包括胆固醇、甾体激素及其前体和代谢物等。不同的甾体化合物主要表现在母核环上官能团的不同,目前从 ...

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