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  1. 24-hour clock time is used in computers, military, public safety, and transport. In many Asian, European and Latin American countries people use it to write the time. Many European people use it in speaking. Many digital wristwatches and clocks can display the time of day using the 24-hour clock. In railway timetables 24:00 means the end of the ...

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    Podcast series; Radio series; Television series "Television series", the Australian, British, and a number of others countries' equivalent term for the North American "television season", a set of episodes produced by a television serial; Video game series; Web series; Mathematics and science. Series (botany), a taxonomic rank between genus and ...

  3. The sounds in a movie are usually people talking, the soundtrack, and sound effects. In the 20th century the camera used photographic film. Making movies. Most movies start to be made when a screenwriter writes a script, which is the story of the movie with dialogue and words and things that the actors will say and do.

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    Julian (Rome), referring to the Roman gens Julia, with imperial dynasty offshoots; Saint Julian (disambiguation), several Christian saints; Julian (given name), people with the given name Julian; Julian (surname), people with the surname Julian; Julian (singer), Russian pop singer; Places. Julian, California, a census-designated place in San ...

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    Marvel Comics, the primary imprint of Marvel Entertainment; Marvel Music, an imprint of Marvel Comics; Marvel Productions, a former television and film studio subsidiary of the Marvel Entertainment Group; Marvel Toys, a former toy company; Marvel Studios, a film and television studio that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios

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    Science and technology. Gain (electronics), an electronics and signal processing term Antenna gain; Gain (laser), the amplification involved in laser emission Gain (projection screens)

  7. Han Chinese (also called Han; simplified Chinese: 汉族; traditional Chinese: 漢族; pinyin: Hàn zú) is an ethnic group within East Asian people. 92% of the Chinese population and more than 97% of the Taiwanese population are Han. Out of the entire human population in the world, 19% are Han Chinese.

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