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  1. Nov 28, 2023 · have the wind up. The World's most comprehensive free online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia with synonyms, definitions, idioms, abbreviations, and medical, financial, legal specialized dictionaries.

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    3 days ago · Politics (from Ancient Greek πολιτικά (politiká) 'affairs of the cities') is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations among individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status.

  3. › wiki › FaithFaith - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Faith (Armani), by Mino da Fiesole. Faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French feid, [1] is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. [1] [2] In the context of religion, faith is " belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion". [3] According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, faith has multiple definitions, including ...

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    2 days ago · Hippie - Wikipedia. , also spelled [1] especially in British English, [2] is someone associated with the counterculture of the 1960s, originally a youth movement that began in the United States during the 1960s and spread to different countries around the world. [3] and was used to describe [4] who moved into New York City's , in San Francisco ...

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    4 days ago · Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text.

  6. Nov 21, 2023 · In this box I flesh out some of those differences (and similarities) within the context of one of the greatest reference works of all time: Encyclopedia Britannica. The Encyclopedia Britannica contains carefully edited articles on all major topics.

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    3 days ago · Meditation is a practice of mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Meditation is practiced in numerous religious traditions.

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