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  1. Wikipedia:On this day/Today. 1680 – German astronomer Gottfried Kirch discovered the Great Comet of 1680, the first comet to be discovered by telescope. 1910 – Aviator Eugene Burton Ely performed the first takeoff from a ship (pictured), flying from a makeshift deck on USS Birmingham in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

  2. From today's featured article Draža Mihailović The Ba Congress was a meeting of representatives of the Chetnik movement led by Draža Mihailović (pictured) between 25 and 28 January 1944 in the village of Ba in German-occupied Serbia during World War II. The congress advanced a political alternative to the communist -led Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ ...

  3. History Today is an illustrated history magazine. Published monthly in London since January 1951, it presents serious and authoritative history to as wide a public as possible. The magazine covers all periods and geographical regions and publishes articles of traditional narrative history alongside new research and historiography.

    • History Today Ltd
    • January 1951
    • Paul Lay
    • Andy Patterson
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    Today (Jintian), a Chinese literary journal co-founded by Huang Rui. Today (Singapore newspaper), a Singapore English-language digital news provide. Today (UK newspaper), a defunct national newspaper in the United Kingdom. Today, a Filipino newspaper that was merged with the Manila Standard resulting in the Manila Standard Today.

  5. On This Day In History was a feature on the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show in the UK between 1988 and 1993. It was devised by the programme's presenter at the time, Simon Mayo . Mayo, a history graduate from University of Warwick , used the day's date each morning to regurgitate historical anniversaries and events which had happened on that date in ...

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  7. List of days of the year. The following pages, corresponding to the Gregorian calendar, list the historical events, births, deaths, and holidays and observances of the specified day of the year:

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