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  1. Sep 18, 2023 · Wikispecies needs translators to make it more accessible. More info on this page. Welcome to. Wikispecies. The free species directory that anyone can edit. It covers Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life. So far we have 849,394 articles.

  2. This is a list of the mammal species recorded in Sri Lanka, with their respective names in Sinhala also listed. There are 125 mammal species in Sri Lanka, of which one is critically endangered, ten are endangered, ten are vulnerable, and three are near threatened.

  3. There are 121 species within 13 families in Sri Lanka. 59 species are endemic. Hubbard and co-workers documented 46 species in 8 families of order Ephemeroptera. Henneman in 2002 recorded 69 species in order Orthoptera.

  4. Infraclassis: Placentalia. Cladus: Boreoeutheria. Superordo: Laurasiatheria. Ordo: Chiroptera. Subordo: Yinpterochiroptera. Superfamilia: Rhinolophoidea. Familia: Hipposideridae. Genus: Hipposideros. Species: Hipposideros lankadiva.

  5. The Sri Lankan leopard ( Panthera pardus kotiya) is a leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka. It was first described in 1956 by Sri Lankan zoologist Paules Edward Pieris Deraniyagala. [2]

  6. Of the 91 species of mammals. recorded in the country, 31 are rodents and shrews. Furthermore, they are also of significant importance in biological point of view, as they make up largely to the country's endemic faunal component. The endemic small mammals include six rodents and four shrews.

  7. Apart from them, Sri Lanka is home to two species of crocodiles, [20] and nine species of turtles. [21] This is a list of reptiles found in Sri Lanka . Order: Squamata - scaled reptiles Suborder: Serpentes - snakes Family: Acrochordidae - wart snakes Family: Boidae - boas Family: Pythonidae - pythons Family: Colubridae - colubers

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