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  1. Falkenbach - Wikipedia › wiki › Falkenbach

    Falkenbach (German: [ˈfalkənbax]) is a pagan black metal group from Germany that is signed to Prophecy Productions. The name means "Falconbrook" in German. The name means "Falconbrook" in German. They are one of the first Viking metal bands, starting in 1989, with their first release that same year.

    • 1989–present
    • Vratyas Vakyas, Bolthorn, Hagalaz, Tyrann
  2. Ludwig Leichhardt - Wikipedia › wiki › Friedrich_Wilhelm_Ludwig

    Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt (German pronunciation: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç 'vɪlhɛlm 'lu:tvɪç 'laɪçhaːʁt]), known as Ludwig Leichhardt, (23 October 1813 – c. 1848) was a German explorer and naturalist, most famous for his exploration of northern and central Australia.

    • Presumed killed
    • 3 April 1848 (aged 34), Darling Downs, Australia
  3. Algiz - Wikipedia › wiki › Lebensrune

    Algiz (also Elhaz) is the name conventionally given to the "z-rune" ᛉ of the Elder Futhark runic alphabet. Its transliteration is z , understood as a phoneme of the Proto-Germanic language , the terminal *z continuing Proto-Indo-European terminal *s .

  4. Johan Niemann - Wikipedia › wiki › Johan_Niemann

    Johan Wilhelm Niemann (born 26 June 1977) is a Swedish musician best known as the current bassist of Evergrey and for co-founding the band Mind's Eye. He was also a member of Swedish heavy metal band Therion and Scandinavian metal band Evil Masquerade, among others.

  5. Charles XII of Sweden - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_12

    Charles, like all kings, was styled by a royal title, which combined all his titles into one single phrase. This was: We Charles, by the Grace of God King of Sweden, the Goths and the Vends, Grand Prince of Finland, Duke of Scania, Estonia, Livonia and Karelia, Lord of Ingria, Duke of Bremen, Verden and Pomerania, Prince of Rügen and Lord of Wismar, and also Count Palatine by the Rhine, Duke ...

    • 14 December 1697
    • 5 April 1697 – 30 November 1718 O.S.
  6. Messiah (musikgrupp) – Wikipedia › wiki › Messiah_(musikgrupp)

    Messiah är ett thrash/death metal-band från Schweiz som bildades 1984 av gitarristen Remo "Brögi" Brogg och släppte fem album mellan åren 1986 och 1994 innan gruppen splittrades.

  7. Metalum, Ltd. • Ikeja • Lagos • › Companies › metalum-ltd

    Thommen Group acquires METALLUM Group (Schweiz) ... Ltd announced today the signing of an agreement by its German subsidiary Wilhelm Raven Euro-Metall GmbH, ... Metalum, Ltd. Block D, Plot 5, Wempco Road, Ogba Industrial Layout Ikeja Lagos

  8. Tristitia – ויקיפדיה › wiki › Tristitia

    היסטוריה. הלהקה נוסדה בהלמשטאד (Halmstad), שוודיה, בשנת 1992 בידי הגיטריסט לואיס ב. גאלווז (Luis B. Galvez). האהבה שלו לדום מטאל ומלודיות מלאות צער הביאה להקמת להקה עם זמר הדת' מטאל הגותי תומאס קארלסון (Thomas Karlsson) ונגן הבאס הארי יובונן ...

  9. tristitia : definition of tristitia and synonyms of tristitia ... › tristitia › en-en

    Tristitia is a Swedish doom metal band formed in Halmstad, Sweden in 1992 by guitarist Luis Beethoven Galvez.His devotion for Doom Metal and sorrowful melodies brought him to form the band with Death/Gothic style singer Thomas Karlsson and Harri Juvonen on bass.

  10. Wolfsblut (German Edition) by Jack London PDF Download ... › site › zekharyahswfwf

    Digibox, Limited edition Label: Nebelfee Klangwerke Format: CD Limitation: 3000 copies Myxogastria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Myxogastria (myxogastrids, ICZN) or Myxomycetes , [1] is a class of Myxogastria, itself a grouping of slime moulds, that contains 5 orders, 14 families, 62 genera and The New World 2005 German Ganzer Filme auf ...

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