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  1. Jan 13, 2016 · Facts Photo from the Nobel Foundation archive. Wilhelm Wien The Nobel Prize in Physics 1911 Born: 13 January 1864, Gaffken, Prussia (now Parusnoye, Russia) Died: 30 August 1928, Munich, Germany Affiliation at the time of the award: Würzburg University, Würzburg, Germany

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      Wilhelm Wien Biographical . W ilhelm Wien was born on...

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      Wilhelm Wien Nobel Lecture . Nobel Lecture, December 11,...

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      The Nobel Prize in Physics 1911 was awarded to Wilhelm Wien...

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      Wilhelm Wien’s speech at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm,...

  2. The Raisin Pudding Model of the Atom (Wilhelm Wien) By 1898 Wilhelm Wien was able to show that canal rays could be deflected by both magnetic and electric fields, as would be expected for particles that carry an electric charge. They were deflected, however, in the direction expected for positively charged particles.

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  4. The Royal Academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, for the year 1911, to Wilhelm Wien, Professor at the University of Würzburg, for his discoveries concerning the laws of heat radiation.

  5. Quick Info Born 13 January 1864 Gaffken, near Fischhausen, East Prussia (now Primorsk Kaliningrad Oblast Russia) Died 30 August 1928 Munich, Germany Summary Wilhelm Wien was a German physicist who won the Nobel prize for discovering the proton. View two larger pictures Biography

  6. In the late 1890s, Wien studied cathode rays, confirming that they were made of fast moving negatively-charged particles, or electrons, that were about two thousand times lighter than hydrogen atoms. He then analyzed canal rays, finding that they were the positive equivalent of electrons and were never heavier than them.

  7. Wien biography (submitted by Bob Deam) On the laws of thermal radiation-Nobel Lecture (submitted by Harrison) Wilhelm Wien (1864-1928) (submitted by Davis) Wilhelm Wien (Physics, Biographies) (submitted by Jackson) Autobiography in English (submitted by mr skin) Wilhelm Wien Biography (submitted by Karl) Mr. Wien´s short biography (submitted ...

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