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  1. William John Tell is a rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for the piano-rock band Something Corporate. After leaving the band in 2004 for a solo career, William Tell was signed as a New Door Records solo artist. His first solo record, You Can Hold Me Down, was released on March 13, 2007. Tell earned a J.D. degree from USC Gould School of Law ...

  2. The Legend of William Tell: Directed by Heinz Paul. With Hans Marr, Conrad Veidt, Emmy Göring, Olaf Bach. Adaptation of the Schiller play, about a Swiss rebel against the tyranny of Austria in the early 14tb century.

  3. While William Tell is widely known as a character from a play, to the people of Switzerland, he is a hero who symbolizes the foundation of the country and its rebellion against tyranny. BOND 1. Height: 175cm. Weight: 69kg. Origin: "William Tell". Region: Switzerland. Alignment: Lawful Good. Gender: Male. He only recently started smoking.

  4. William Tell is a biennial aerial gunnery competition with fighter aircraft held by the United States Air Force in every even-numbered year. In the competition, teams representing the various major commands of the USAF compete in live-fire exercises, using towed banner targets for gun engagements, and obsolete fighters converted into unmanned target drones (currently QF-4 Phantoms) for air-to ...

  5. WIP William Tell Jr. is the son of the Swiss folk hero William Tell. According to legend, his father was an expert marksman with the crossbow who assassinated Albrecht Gessler, a tyrannical reeve of the Austrian dukes of the House of Habsburg positioned in Altdorf. We see William Tell about to shoot an arrow from his crossbow onto an apple that rests on his son's head and Albrecht Gessler and ...

  6. William Tell: Created by Friedrich Schiller. With Conrad Phillips, Willoughby Goddard, Jennifer Jayne, Richard Rogers. Depicts the legend of William Tell, who, as the stories say, shot an apple off of his son's head and lead the rebellion to free Switzerland.

  7. Nov 18, 2014 · Although the William Tell legend is mentioned in books dating back to the late fifteenth century—and one can find similar marksmanship myths throughout the world—it was Schiller’s highly politicized play that canonized the apple-centric version, and, buoyed by Switzerland’s post-Napoleonic patriotism, made the archer iconic.

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