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    1. Swahili Villages (Malians): They are small villages scattered all over the mainland. Their villages have been taken over by Bantu (orange) soldiers, led by mighty chieftains. If the player kills these soldiers and brings Muhammad, the rebel prince, to their villages, they will grant the player some soldiers.If the player instead hands over Muhammad to Kilwa to be executed, the Swahili Villages will not provide the player with units, but will still remain an ally.

    Ally → Enemy

    1. Kilwa (Ethiopians): They have a small, fortified city near the southwestern edge of the map. Depending on whether the player brings Muhammad to their city to be executed or not, they will change their diplomacy towards the player. If the player brings him to their city, they will remain an ally until the player brings an army to their city. They will also grant the player the island to the east of the player's starting position with Villagers and a Town Center. If the player goes to the no...

    Ally or Enemy

    1. Zanzibar (Saracens): Their city is located on two separate islands to the east of the map. They have a strong navy comprising of Fast Fire Ships and Demolition Ships, along with Trade Cogs which they use to trade with Swahili Villages' Docks. Their stance with the player, as others, is dependent on whether the player decides to bring Muhammad to Kilwa for his execution. If the player brings him to Kilwa to be executed, they will immediately turn their stance toward the player to enemy and...

    The player starts with a few soldiers on a single island along with two Transport Ships and three damaged Caravels. The player also has an African rebel prince Muhammad ibn Rukn ad Din under their control. The player has two choices – either to take Muhammad to the red flag inside Kilwa to be executed or to take him to the four blue flags inside the Swahili Villages to gather a rebel army. Both the choices will result in very different strategies so they will be listed separately down below.

    Historically, Almeida would have Muhammad ibn Rukn ad Din installed on the Kilwa throne as a Portuguese vassal. Therefore, it would be more accurate to have him kept alive.

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    Ruins are megalithic structures in Age of Empires that can only be acquired when they appears within the Line of Sight of a unit. The color of a civilization corresponds to the color of the owner of a specific ruin. Once all of the ruins are acquired by a certain team or civilization, the countdown to victory starts with 2000 years (which is five minutes in the real world). If an opposing team ...

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    Jan 22, 2008 · The point of this peninsula will form a canal of sorts with the opposite landmass. As the Ruins are very close to the shore, you can make contact with your ships. Ruin #2: On an island in the West corner of the map. There will be a few Lydian Watch Towers around (Lydians being the other enemy civilisation, who have no other units), so don't dawdle.

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