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    In Poland his name was Wojciech (Olbracht, Albrecht) Laski, and he was a Polish senator and voivode. In English official papers and in other historical documents of the Elizabethan Age, he appears as Lord

  2. Oct 03, 2019 · The “green city” is a fashionable motto of recent years. At the same time, Poland is a country that faces a problem of inadequate water resources.

  3. The Rector of Kolegium Jagiellońskie – Toruńska Szkoła Wyższa prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Górski. The Deputy Rector of Kolegium Jagiellońskie – Toruńska Szkoła Wyższa dr Joanna Górska – Szymczak LLM. The Deputy Rector for Research and Programme Delivery dr hab. Wojciech Gulin. The Chancellor mec. Elżbieta Górska

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    Kobiety w historii nauki i medycyny – dr hab. Wojciech Szczęsny. Decrease font size Reset font size Increase font size

  5. The winners of the Historical Event of the Year 2014 - Polish ...

    Among the guests were the general director of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Jacek Olbracht, Senators Andrzej Person and Jan Maria Jackowski and the president of the Polish History Museum Board, Wojciech Roszkowski. Almost all nominees from across Poland were present at the ceremony.

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    Herausgegeben von Gerda Hagenau andric, Capek, Gorki Sostschenko u.v.a. Mit Einem Vorwort von "Herausgeberin und Verlag" Karel ^Capek, Ivan Olbracht, Jiri Marek, Wojciech Odojewski, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz u.a.

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    Sigismund I the Old. self to its growing power in Poland.[1] Sigismund I of Poland (Polish: Zygmunt I Stary; Lithuanian: ygimantas I Senasis) (1 January 1467 1 April 1548), of the Jagiellon dynasty, reigned as King of Poland and also as the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1506 until 1548.

  8. Third Circular October 23 -25 , 2013 Toruń, Poland

    Third Circular October 23th-25th, 2013 Toruń, Poland Organising Committee: dr hab. Krzysztof Cyrek, prof. UMK (chair), Instytut Archeologii, Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń

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    Szczebrzeszyn's history can be traced back to 1352, during the reign of Casimir III, although archaeological evidence suggests the area had been settled for several centuries prior to this. Neighboring villages named in Nestor 's 11th century chronicle of Rus further support that Szczebrzeszyn is much older, once lying beside a major commercial ...

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    Historically, Lesser Poland was divided into two lands - Kraków Land and Sandomierz Land, both of which emerged after the Testament of Bolesław III Krzywousty.In the 14th century, Sandomierz Voivodeship and Kraków Voivodeship were created, and in 1474, Lublin Voivodeship was carved out of three Sandomierz Voivodeship counties, located on the right bank of the Vistula.