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    What are some good words to describe a person?

    What are some nice words to describe people?

    What are some mean words to describe a mean person?

    What are some words to describe a bad person?

  2. Words are listed in alphabetical order: Able Abnormal Above-Average Absent-minded Adaptable Adventurous Affable Affectionate Agile Agreeable Alert Amazing Ambitious Amiable Amicable Amusing Analytical Angelic Apathetic Apprehensive Ardent Artificial Artistic Assertive Attentive Average Awe-Inspiring Awesome Awful Bad-tempered Big-headed Boring

  3. Here you have a list with such terms that can describe a person. Realistic Independent Versatile Exuberant Mature Miserable Convivial Modest Quick-witted Apathetic Brave Decisive Tactful Inventive Strong Obnoxious Sociable Upbeat Candid Zealous Mannered Young-Hearted Vulnerable Philosophical Silly Assertive Enduring Tired Detailed Average

  4. I Words to Describe Someone, Describing Words to a Person Adjectives to Describe a Person Adjectives are sentence elements that refer to any feature of a person, an object, or an animal and are used before words. Adjectives, which you will come across wherever English is spoken, help you strengthen your expression and express yourself more effectively. However, the most important issue you ...

  5. Jun 12, 2022 · Chubby, fat, plump, overweight, tubby, stocky Confident, secure, proud, egotistical, bossy Cute, knockout, beautiful, stunning, attractive Inquisitive, interested, curious, nosy, pushy Relaxed, laid-back, lackadaisical, lazy, easy-going Slim, skinny, slender, thin, bony, a stick Talkative, conversational, chatty, garrulous

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