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  1. All words in the KJV Bible starting with the letter P. From Paarai to pyramids.

    • Biblical Art

      Some old masters are featured with a short biography.We also...

    • New Testament

      The KJV translators used the 3rd edition, published in 1522....

    • Old Testament

      The Old Testament. Old Testament is the name the first...

  2. Bible Definitions starting with the letter P. King James Bible Verse: Get Saved: Q & A: ... Bible Words starting with the letter P. Paarai Padan Padan-aram

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  4. View a Bible dictionary for letter P. 209 terms and definitions for "P" Paarai "Opening of the Lord, "the Arbite," one of David's heroes (2 Sam. "23:35); called also Naarai, 1 Chr. 11:37." ...

  5. A topical Bible which shows the most relevant Bible verse for each topic

  6. The King James Bible has stood its ground for nearly 400 years. However, during that time the English language has changed, and with it the meanings of some words it used. Here are more than 6,500 words whose definitions have changed since 1611. All scripture references and reference to other entries within the text have been linked.

  7. The shortest verses in the King James Version. The shortest verse in the Old Testament is 1 Chronicles 1:25, where 17 characters make "Eber, Peleg, Reu,". The Old Testament contains many such rather dull listings with names. If we exclude them, the top 10 gets more interesting. Exodus 20:13: Thou shalt not kill.

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