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    World | Fox News World Russia 1 hour ago Russia to require basic military training in schools in 'evocation of the Soviet Union,' UK says Students throughout Russia will undergo basic military...

  3. a. : a division or generation of the inhabitants of the earth distinguished by living together at the same place or at the same time. the medieval world. b. : a distinctive class of persons or their sphere of interest or activity. the academic world. the digital world. 8. : human society.

  4. the whole body of things observed or assumed theories about the origin of the world Synonyms & Similar Words universe nature existence cosmos creation reality macrocosm Antonyms & Near Antonyms void nothingness 4 as in galaxy a huge physical or conceptual distance they have ideas for the new project that are a world away from his own

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    Jan 25, 2023 · world (third-person singular simple present worlds, present participle worlding, simple past and past participle worlded) To consider or cause to be considered from a global perspective; to consider as a global whole, rather than making or focussing on national or other distinctions; compare globalise.

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    World politics, also referred to as global politics or international relations, is the discipline of political science studying issues of interest to the world that transcend nations and continents. [90] [91] It aims to explain complex patterns found in the social world that are often related to the pursuit of power, order and justice, usually in the context of globalization .

  7. SeaWorld Cleveland, originally referred to as Sea World of Ohio in 1969, opened to the public on May 29, 1970, after nearly two years of planning and construction. Located approximately 20 miles southeast of Cleveland, in the Western Reserve city of Aurora, Ohio, the 25-acre marine park welcomed over 5,500 guests on its opening day.

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