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    • Write Crime Fiction With The Experts. Online Course. PWA
      • Writing Crime Fiction is suitable for writers looking to expand their range and understand the conventions of the genre by exploring and experimenting with crime fiction techniques. Write crime fiction and would like to broaden your palette of techniques Are keen to master suspense and add intrigue to your plotlines and characterisation
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  2. The Crime genre is an umbrella that entails everything that is related to a crime: from mysteries to thrillers, although in thrillers, the crime is often ongoing, while in crime fiction, the crime is already perpetrated and the protagonist is looking for the perpetrator.

  3. Sep 03, 2021 · Driven by drama, intrigue, thrilling action, and problem-solving, crime novels are often page-turners that readers have a hard time putting down. Writing a crime novel can be just as exciting a process, as your imagination sets the stage for mystery and momentum.

    • Begin with the murder. Get into the victim’s head as they die. Make it as real and as awful as you can. This invests the reader with sympathy for the victim no matter how horrible they were in life and lends that much more urgency to your protagonist’s quest to find the murderer.
    • Love your creeps. Put the villain on display and do it early in the narrative. Get your reader invested in the character and then betray the hell out of both of them.
    • Put your protagonist at risk. Physically, mentally, emotionally, any or all. Liam Campbell jumped out of an airplane (on purpose), was nearly flattened by a herd of walrus, and has been shot at and missed far too many times.
    • Make your protagonist a hero, if not in his own eyes then in everyone else’s. A hero is better than you and me; that’s why they are heroes and why they deserve their own novel and you and I don’t.
  4. Crime fiction is divided into a number of sub-categories. ‘Cosies’, as they are known in the American market, are very traditional murder mysteries often set in a quiet backwater, such as a village. There’s not much violent action in these and often the focus is more on the characters than the crime. Private eye novels have been an ...

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