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  1. It premiered July 10, 2014 on streaming sites Youku and Tudou. This drama is a series version of movies Tiny Times 1.0 (2013), Tiny Times 2.0 (2014), Tiny Times 3.0 (2013) starred Peter Ho, Yang Mi, and Amber Kuo. Also directed and written by Guo Jing Ming, the original writer of novel Tiny Time.

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    Yao Chen (Chinese: 姚晨; pinyin: Yáo chén, born 5 October 1979) is a Chinese actress and philanthropist. In 2014, Time named Yao as one of the most influential people on their Time 100 list. As of 2014, she is listed as the 83rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

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    Fourth installment of KO ONE:Continues the story where KO One Re-actleft off: Lei Ting suddenly went missing after she and Xiu were lured back from the Iron Dimension by a fake message and attacked upon arrival by unknown forces. So how did Lei Ting (King) disappear? The KO one class no longer has its leader, so Gu Zhan and Zhi Ge, despite their brotherhood, fight. Who is the leader of the KO one class? The KO one class initially suspected the three Students from Little Apple High School of the kidnapping and fought against them. Later, they found King through another lead. But she was no longer the same King they knew and she seems to had amnesia. In the meantime, Duan Chang Ren also has gone missing. And Zhi Ge's father had a spy monitoring the class. A while later the three students from Xiao Ping Guo (Little Apple) High School – Zhi, Liu Chen, and Tai Yang transfers to Ba Le High School, the KO One class. Are they friends or enemy?

    Main characters

    1. Pets Tsengas Xiao Tzu (小慈), the alternate counterpart of Lei Ting from Silver Dimension who has been impersonating Lei Ting when the KO One class found her. Her real name is Sun Shang Xiang, the biological daughter of the Real Sun Jian who was murdered and impersonated by Ye Si Ti. She raised by her nanny who fled with Xiao Tzu to Gold Dimension to escape from Ye Si Ti's murdering attempt. 2. Pets Tseng as Lei Ting (雷婷) (King), KO.3, King is the missing current leader of the "Zhong Ji Yi B...

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  3. Dec 23, 1995 · Li Yitong (simplified Chinese: 李艺彤; traditional Chinese: 李藝彤; pinyin: Lǐ Yìtóng; born December 23, 1995 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China) is a Chinese idol singer and actress. She was a member of Team HII of female idol group SNH48.[1] Li had developed an interest in manga and Touhou Project game series sin

  4. ถูกใจ คห.6,7,8 เรื่องชุด Recycle ช่างสังเกตจังค่ะ คห.7 ชายสองคน(ยืน) สองพี่น้องในมังกรหยก ชอบสองคนนี้ ตอนนี้เขาไปไหน ทำอะไร (ถ้าไม่ลำบากในการตอบคำถาม ...

  5. Dec 17, 2013 · wiki – “In early 2011, with less than two months of rest, Tavia was presented with a role and opportunity she could not turn down from mainland China. She cut short her leave to participate in an ancient grand production The Emperor’s Harem (后宫) alongside Ady An and William Feng as the evil and conniving Imperial Corsort Wan.”

  6. Jun 28, 2012 · Jiro Wang sebagai Wan Ni Te万奈特(Tenjo Night) Goo Hye Sun sebagai Guan Xiao Fei官筱菲(Izawa Riiko) Chen Shi Ying (陈诗颖) sebagai Guan muda ; Kun Da sebagai Yan Zong Shi严宗史(Asamoto Soshi) Xiao Xiao Bin sebagai muda Yan ; Cherry Hsia sebagai Luo Mei Jia罗美佳 ; Na Wei Xun sebagai Lei Wu Wu雷雾雾

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