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  1. Wikipedia Shqip është versioni shqip i Wikipedia-s, enciklopedisë së lirë. Ajo filloi më 12 tetor 2003 dhe sot përmban 84.185 artikuj.Wikipedia shqip e ka vendin e 75-të sipas listës së Wikipedia-ve.

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    Urra! - Wikipedia shqip ka tashmë 80 000 artikuj! Filtrojmë, xhaxho, filtrojmë... - Aktivizohet filtrimi i redaktimeve për t'u mbrojtur ndaj redaktimeve keqdashëse. ¡Hola amigo! - Lidhjet e kolonës anësore ofrojnë mbështetje në 5 gjuhë të ndryshme tashmë. Informohu për shëndetin!

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    Xin County, Xinyang, Henan, China; Xin River, a tributary to Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province; Popular culture. Xin (comics), a comic book by Kevin Lau, or its main character; Xin, the "Ember Spirit", a character in Defense of the Ancients and Dota 2 "Xin", an episode of The Good Doctor; See also. All pages with titles containing Xin

  4. Xin (heart-mind) Literally, xin ( 心) refers to the physical heart, though it also refers to the "mind" as the ancient Chinese believed the heart was the center of human cognition. However, emotion and reason were not considered as separate, but rather as coextensive; xin is as much cognitive as emotional, being simultaneously associated with ...

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    'New dynasty') was a short-lived Chinese dynasty which lasted from 9 to 23 AD, established by the Han dynasty consort kin Wang Mang, who usurped the throne of Emperor Ping of Han and the infant "crown prince" Ruzi Ying to rule the empire over a decade before being overthrown by rebels.

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    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. English 6 458 000+ articles Русский 1 798 000+ статей

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    Sin Tui. Xin Zhui [ɕín ʈʂwéɪ] ( Chinese: 辛追; c. 217 BC -168 BC), also known as Lady Dai, or Marquise of Dai, was a Chinese noblewoman, and wife to Li Cang ( 利蒼 ), the Marquis of Dai, and Chancellor of the Changsha Kingdom, during the Western Han dynasty of ancient China. Her tomb, and exceptionally well preserved remains were ...

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