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    • French Pronoun En and Y: How to Use it in Grammar
      • ‘Y’ and ‘en’ are minuscule French pronouns , yeah, so minuscule that some think they can be removed from the sentence. However, ‘y’ and ‘en’ are so powerful in the construction of French sentences for these two can change the entire sense of the sentence and sometimes the whole paragraph.
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    How to use the pronoun y in French?

  2. Jan 28, 2014 · Let's learn more about the pronouns y and en in French! Y: Replaces Something but not Someone. You were probably taught that the English counterpart of ‘y’ is ‘there.’ Well, yeah, that’s the most popular or the easiest way of how to use ‘y’ but actually, it’s just one of its many uses. Y is a pronoun, and it is used to replace the structure à +noun.

  3. Jan 19, 2021 · At first glance, y or en may look like your average French pronoun being used to replace a noun in a phrase, but I’m here to warn you that this simple assumption is incorrect. Even though these two words are pronouns, they act as if they were adverbs: Y and en are used to replace words in a phrase that denote quantities, qualities, properties and relations.

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    • The French Pronoun Y Replaces A place.
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    • “Il Y A” Pronunciation Recap

    A place is introduced by a preposition of place which can be “à” but also “sur, sous, en, au, aux…”: 1. Je vais à Paris = j’y vais I’m going to Paris = I’m going there 2. Je vais en France = j’y vais I’m going to France = I’m going there 3. Je vais au Japon = j’y vais I’m going to Japan = I’m going there When you study this, the key is to know well...

    The French Pronoun Y also Replaces a thing (never a person) introduced by “à, au, aux, à l’, à la” 1. Je pense à mon travail = j’y pense (y replacing “à mon travail”) I’m thinking about my work = I’m thinking about it 2. Je réfléchis aux problèmes internationaux j’y réfléchis (y replacing “aux problèmes internationaux) I’m pondering the internati...

    The French expression “il y a” is very common. “Il y a” means there is, there are, it’s also used to translate the notion of “ago” in French, and it’s part of many French expression, especially to talk about the weather.

    “Il y a” is probably the common French expression where the everyday French pronunciationversus overly enunciated pronunciation – often featured in French methods – is the most blatant. And this modern way of speaking French often comes to a shock to poor students of French who were never prepared for that! So let’s study how you may have learned t...

    So let’s compare the sounds: from the most overly enunciated to the most common spoken form of “il y a”: 1. eel ee ya 2. eelya– the one you should memorize 3. ee ya 4. ya– very common in spoken French: you need to understand it! To train on the pronunciation of “il y a” in spoken French, check out my unique downloadable French audiobooks, featuring...

  4. Jan 05, 2019 · Using "Y" in French In French, the letter y usually replaces a prepositional phrase beginning with something like à, chez, or dans (at, in, or in), as demonstrated in these examples, where the English sentence or sentences are followed by the French translation: Are you going to the bank today?

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