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  1. What to see in Krakow, in two days.? | Yahoo Answers

    1st wish u a great nice trip. really u sound like me when i was in poland and i pet with all my friends that i saw all Krakowin 2 days .and i did it imean i saw what i wanted to recomandation:, buy or take one of the city maps from the IT( inf tourist) its in the train,bus station.

  2. When it comes to air pollution, Poland is the China ... - Yahoo

    Jan 11, 2017 · The pollution in Krakow, a historical city and Poland’s top tourist destination, has created serious health problems for the city’s residents including respiratory diseases such as asthma, and ...

    • Hanna Kozlowska
  3. Maybe parts of Poland will let you pay with it but it could be very rare in some cases. You would have to change your money in to Zloty. The weather in Poland in August is very nice its very warm and the air is nice, also make sure you bring a sweatshirt it tends to get cold sometimes at night..thats the reason some people do not have A/C in ...

  4. is the cost of living expensive in Krakow, Poland for ...

    Poland in general is very cheap. I sent my 40th in Warsaw last year along with 12 friends and we had a great time and spent very little money. Our 5 star hotel (and it really was 5 star) was only £55 per room per night and we all went out for a meal at a top restaurant, ate loads and drank the place dry, the bill at the end of the night was just £20 a head, that included all the food and drink

  5. All About Krakow, Poland: A Town Rich In History And Culture

    Oct 11, 2020 · Krakow’s market square is the biggest in the world. That simple statement doesn’t give you a sense of this plaza. In this space is a town hall tower, several palaces, three churches, and, in the center, the enormous Cloth Hall, originally, in the 13th century, a covered market and today a two-story stone structure that houses dozens of ...

  6. Climate and weather in Poland - Warsaw Hotel Guide

    Climate and weather in Poland. The character of the climate in Poland is between maritime and continental determined by the geographical location and the surface features. The average temperature in July is 19°C, but sometimes in the summer the temperatures rise to 30°C . Summer is the most favourable time to visit Poland.

  7. Has anyone ever been to Cracow in Poland? | Yahoo Answers

    Mar 17, 2008 · I live in Krakow, a great city with lots to do and see. Wawel Castle is a must, Kazimierz, the old Jewish part of the city is very nice as well. Rynek (Main Square) is a good tourist destination.

  8. Planning on visiting Poland+a few ... -

    Jan 26, 2015 · I am currently in the process of organising a trip next January/February to Poland plus maybe Nuremburg/Berlin, London, Paris etc.My last visit was in the warmer months June/July 10 years ago now.As I finish my undergrad studies and am going into my postgrad studies in 2016, January/ February is the only time I can visit for more than 8 weeks without disturbing my studies.

  9. Weather & Climate. Poland’s climate is temperate with warm (sometimes very hot) summers, crisp, sunny autumns and cold winters. When to go. The most pleasant times to visit Poland are late spring and early summer (May-June) and late summer and early autumn (September-October).

  10. Protesters March in Krakow Amid Landmark Abortion Ruling - Yahoo

    Oct 28, 2020 · Demonstrators across Poland joined a nationwide strike on Wednesday, October 28, to protest a court ruling that imposes an almost total ban on abortions, according to reports . Local media reported abortions would only be permitted in instances where pregnancy was a result of a “criminal act,” such as rape, or where the pregnancy threatened the mother’s life. This footage was filmed in ...

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