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  1. Mar 31, 2022 · Yale College admitted 2,234 students to the class of 2026 from its largest-ever pool of 50,015 applicants, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions announced on Thursday. The acceptance rate for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle is 4.46 percent, the lowest in recent history.

  2. Apr 26, 2022 · For the class of 2026, Yale’s acceptance rate was lower than it has been in recent years at 4.4%. They accepted just 2,234 students out of 50,015 applications (regular applications, early applications, and deferral applications) Number of Applications. Accepted Students. Acceptance Rate.

  3. The acceptance rate at Yale is 6.1%. For every 100 applicants, only 6 are admitted. This means the school is extremely selective. Meeting their GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements is very important to getting past their first round of filters and proving your academic preparation.

  4. Dec 16, 2022 · Yale University’s Class of 2027 Early Decision acceptance rate was 10%, the lowest in recent history. Yale offered 776 early action applicants, out of almost 7,800 applicants. Yale Early Admissions Results for the Class of 2027 Yale reported its early admission results for the Class of 2027.

  5. Mar 29, 2022 · Yale has an acceptance rate low even among Ivy League schools, taking only 6.9% of the thousands of people who apply. Only Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia are more selective among the Ivies. There are many reasons that Yale and other schools restrict the number of transfers they accept.

  6. The Graduate School regularly collects and reviews program information on behalf of departments and the University. The Report includes aggregate Graduate School data about Ph.D. admissions, enrollment, degree completion, and employment; this same information is also broken down by program.

  7. The acceptance rate at Yale is 5%. It ranks #1 in Connecticut and #8 in the nation for lowest rate of acceptance. Yale is extremely competitive school to get into with a very low chance of acceptance - even for applicants with the highest scores and grades. Last year, 2,509 out of 47,240 applicants were admitted.

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