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  1. Blackpink là nhóm nhạc nữ Hàn Quốc được thành lập bởi YG Entertainment, bao gồm các thành viên Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé và Lisa.Single album ra mắt của nhóm Square One và theo sau là Square Two, được ra mắt lần lượt vào tháng 8 và tháng 11 năm 2016, đã giành cho nhóm một số giải thưởng nghệ sĩ mới từ cuối năm 2016 đến đầu ...

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  2. Abdee Negara, produser album Energy of Asia: Official Album of Asian Games 2018. INASGOC mengambil beberapa musisi dan penyanyi terkenal Indonesia untuk memeriahkan Pesta Olahraga Asia 2018 yang akan diadakan di Jakarta dan Palembang pada tanggal 18 Agustus hingga 2 September 2018. Menurut Ketua Komite Asian Games 2018 Erick Thohir, selain ...

    • Februari 2017 – Juni 2018
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  3. › wiki › Kim_Go-eunKim Go-eun - Wikipedia

    Kim Go-eun (born July 2, 1991) is a South Korean actress. She debuted in the film A Muse (2012) where she won several Best New Actress awards in South Korea. She is also known for her role in the television series Cheese in the Trap (2016), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), and Yumi's Cells (2021).

  4. Setelah tiga tahun, ia merilis mini album keduanya, "27" pada 2015, dan menempati posisi satu di Gaon Album Chart, nomor delapan di The Billboard World Album, dan menghasilkan dua single top-ten Korea Selatan "The Answer" dan "Kontrol" Pada 26 Februari 2018, Sungkyu merilis full album "10 Stories" dengan "True love" sebagai title track-nya.

  5. › wiki › Yusry_KRUKRU - Wikipedia

    • Early History
    • Major Concerts
    • Discography
    • Special Projects
    • Achievements
    • Kru Group of Companies
    • Hit Songs Composed

    Their interest in musicmaking was sparked when they were very young, when one of their aunts bought Norman a keyboard which also attracted his other brothers. They spent their teen years in London where they were exposed to various genres of music, in contrast to the Malay music scene at that time which was dominated by classic rock and ballads. They continued to write original songs, but little did they know one of Norman's college mates sent a demo to EMI. The International Label Manager by the name of Calvin Wong (now Vice-President at Warner Music Asia Pacific) was very impressed by the song and called the brothers to audition. Thus, KRU was formed on 19 May 1992. KRU (addressed by the initials K.R.U and not "kru") stands for Kumpulan Rap Utamaor "Major Rap Group", but it is also the Malay word for "crew", borrowed from English. In 2000, they formed a virtual band named Tyco, whose members consisted of computer-generatedalternate versions of themselves. They also diversified the...

    1993 : ReKRUed Rap Tour
    1995 : Awas Da' Concert
    1997 : KRU Mega Tour (Sponsored by Peter Stuyvesant)
    1999 : Jammin the Nation

    Studio albums

    1. Canggih - 1st Album(1992) 2. reKRUed - 2nd Album(1993) 3. Awas - First Mini Album(1994) 4. Beware: Awas da Soundtrack - Soundtrack Album(1995) 5. Ooh! La! La! - 5th Album(1996) 6. Krumania - First Compilation(1997) 7. The Way We Jam – First Full English album (1998) 8. Formula Luar Biasa 8th Album(1999) 9. Tyco- First Animated Album (2000) 10. Krujaan - 10th Album(2001) 11. Empayar Krujaan V 2.0-Repackaged Album (2002) 12. Yusry- First Solo Album (2003) 13. Relax- Ballads Compilation (2004...

    Compilation albums

    1. Krumania(1997) 2. Relax(2004) 3. Gergasi(2018)

    Solo albums

    1. Yusry(2003) - performed by Yusry Abdul Halim

    1997 - "Everest" for Everest project[clarification needed]
    1998 - the "Silat Lagenda" soundtrack album - a collaboration with Sharifah Aini, Zainal Abidin, Amy Search, Ning Baizura, Ella and Sheila Majid
    1998 - "Never Let The Spirit Die", the theme song for the 16th Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur
    1999 - "Fiesta", official theme song for the Tour De Langkawi
    KRU Academy - vocational college specializing in skills related to the Creative Industry
    KRU Music - record labels and music publisher
    KRU Media
    KRU Entertainment
    Red Cyndi (Taiwan Singer)- Hi Hi Bye Bye (Originally sing by Ezlynn)
    AZ Yet ft Jaclynn Victor - Magical Moment (OST Ribbit)
    Yuki- 亂了 (Aku Siapa Kau Siapa, Originally performed by Elite)
    Alex To妳有罪的心 (Andai Kau Pergi, Original singer: Indigo)
  6. Re-boot ialah album studio pertama bagi kumpulan lelaki Korea Selatan, Golden Child. Album ini dilancarkan pada 18 November 2019 oleh Woollim Entertainment dan diedarkan oleh Kakao M. Album ini mengandungi dua belas buah lagu dengan single utama "Wannabe" (Ingin Jadi) Edisi album yang dikemas semula bertajuk Without You dikeluarkan pada 29 ...

  7. Oct 27, 2021 · TRIBUNNEWSWIKI.COM - Oddie Agam merupakan musisi lawas Indonesia yang populer pada tahun 1980-an. Lelaki bernama lengkap Imran Madjid ini, lahir pada 19 Maret 1953 di Medan, Sumatera Utara. Selain menjadi penyanyi, ia juga seorang komponis, musikus, serta penulis lagu. Ia menikah dengan Chintami Atmanegara pada 1988.

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