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  1. 治法之一。即補陰、養陰、益陰。是治療陰虛證的方法。症見形體消瘦、頭暈耳鳴、唇赤顴紅、虛煩失眠、潮熱盜汗、喘咳咯血、遺精、舌紅少苔,脈細數等。常用方如六味地黃丸、左歸丸、補陰丸等;常用藥如天門冬、麥門冬可以改善此現象的清單列表如下:

  2. 治法之一。即用滋潤藥以治療燥證的方法。《素問·至真要大論》:“燥者潤之。”燥證分內燥、外燥兩種。外燥是外感燥氣致病,內燥是內臟津液虧損之證。治療外燥宜輕宣,內燥宜滋潤;故潤燥分為輕宣外燥和滋潤內燥兩大可以改善此現象的清單列表如下:

  3. From a Western medical perspective, psoriasis is classified as non-pustular, pustular and other. Additionally, there is guttate and nail psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis. In Chinese medicine, psoriasis is called Yin xie bing, or Silver Scale Disease. Chinese medicine describes psoriasis as being a disease caused by external Wind lodging in ...

  4. 2 days ago · Xue Yang found her before she could get help, and she insulted him. Xue Yang then carved out her eyes and tongue, killing her. She later tried to warn Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and the juniors who had entered coffin city about Xue Yang. To learn more about her story, Wei Wuxian used a rite to see, feel, and hear her memories. Xue ...

  5. page: 1-4 Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome in Cervical Spondylosis Based on Syndrome Elements Differentiation in Dehua County (基于证素辨证研究德化县颈椎病中医证候特点)

  6. Dang Gui Free Yang Xue Run Fu Yin (Dang Gui and Tao Ren Free) $ 34.00 – $ 275.00 Select options; Tang-kuei, Evodia and Ginger Combination (dang gui si ni jia wu zhu yu sheng jiang tang) $ 34.00 – $ 275.00 Select options

  7. page: 1-2. lun ren ti si hai yu si bu qi jie de guan xi (论人体四海与四部气街的关系) ... chen guo en xue shu jing yan jian jie (陈国恩学术经验简介)

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