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  1. Yaroslav - Wikipedia

    Yaroslav II of Vladimir (1191–1246), Grand Prince and son of Vsevolod the Big Nest and Maria Shvarnovna; Yaroslav of Tver (1220–1271), sometimes called Yaroslav III, Grand Prince and son of Yaroslav II of Vladimir; Contemporary people with the given name Yaroslav. Yaroslav Amosov (born 1993), Ukrainian mixed martial arts fighter

  2. List of Russian monarchs - Wikipedia

    Parts of the land that is today known as Russia was populated by various East Slavic peoples from before the 9th century. The first states to exert hegemony over the region were those of the Rus' people, a branch of Nordic Varangians who entered the region occupied by modern Russia sometime in the ninth century, and set up a series of states starting with the Rus' Khaganate circa 830.

  3. Yaroslavl - Wikipedia

    Yaroslavl was founded by Yaroslav the Wise, a prince of Kievan Rus', during the period of his ruling the Principality of Rostov (988—1010) when he stepped ashore for the first time near the area now known as 'Strelka.' This is used as a contemporary park.

  4. Russia - Wikipedia

    Russia is the 39th in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019. According to Federal Agency for Tourism, the number of inbound trips of foreign citizens to Russia amounted to 24.4 million in 2019. Russia's international tourism receipts in 2018 amounted to $11.6 billion.

  5. list of prime ministers of ukraine : definition of list of ... of prime ministers of...

    The Prime Minister of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Прем'єр-міністр України, Prem'ier-ministr Ukrayiny) is Ukraine's head of government presiding over the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which is the highest body of the executive branch of the Ukrainian government.

  6. Belarus

    Until the 20th century, different states at various times controlled the lands of modern-day Belarus, including Kievan Rus', the Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithua

  7. Alexander III of Russia - Wikipedia

    Alexander III disliked the extravagance of the rest of his family. It was also expensive for the Crown to pay so many grand dukes each year. Each one received an annual salary of 250,000 rubles, and grand duchesses received a dowry of a million when they married.

  8. 1943 – World War II: War in the Pacific – U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-Shek meet in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss ways to defeat Japan (see Cairo Conference) 1943 – Lebanon gains independence from France. 1954 - The Humane Society of the United States is founded.

  9. Jun 15, 2013 - Yelysaveta, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, and wife to Harald Hardrada

  10. Hassanal Bolkiah - Wikipedia

    Hassanal Bolkiah (Jawi: حسن البلقية) (born 15 July 1946) is the 29th and current Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of Brunei and the Prime Minister of Brunei.He is one of the last absolute monarchs in the world.

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