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    El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE: ELAL, Hebrew: אל על נתיבי אויר לישראל בע״מ), trading as El Al (Hebrew: אל על ‎, "Upwards", "To the Skies" or "Skywards", stylized as EL על ‎AL אל ‎; Arabic: إل-عال), is the flag carrier of Israel.

  2. March 24 - Yehuda Avner, 86, Israeli diplomat, Ambassador to Australia and the United States, cancer. March 24 - Moncef Ben Salem, 62, Tunisian politician. March 24 - Richard Butson, 92, Canadian explorer and physician, recipient of the George Cross. March 24 - Notable people killed in the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525:

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    Once Hellenised, the city changed its name to the more Greek-sounding Αzotus (Greek: Άζωτος) and prospered until the Hasmonean Revolt.During the rebellion Judas Maccabeus "took it, and laid it waste" (Antiquities of the Jews Book 12, 8:6) His brother Jonathan conquered it again in 147 BCE and destroyed the temple of Dagon of biblical fame (Antiquities Book 13, 4:4; 1 Samuel 5:1-5).

  4. An English Heritage blue plaque, unveiled in 1986, marks where Ben-Gurion lived in London at 75 Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, W9. In the 7th arrondissement of Paris, part of a riverside promenade of the Seine is named after him. His portrait appears on both the 500 lirot and the 50 (old) sheqalim notes issued by the Bank of Israel.

  5. Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Hebrew: שניאור זלמן מליאדי, September 4, 1745 – December 15, 1812 O.S. / 18 Elul 5505 – 24 Tevet 5573), was an influential Lithuanian Jewish rabbi and the founder and first Rebbe of Chabad, a branch of Hasidic Judaism, then based in Liadi in Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later in the Grodno Governorate of the Russian Empire.

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    Yad Vashem (Hebrew: יָד וַשֵׁם; literally, "a memorial and a name") is Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.It is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Jews who were murdered; honoring Jews who fought against their Nazi oppressors and Gentiles who selflessly aided Jews in need; and researching the phenomenon of the Holocaust in particular and genocide in ...

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    Menahem Mendel of Kamenitz, considered the first hotelier in the Land of Israel, wrote about the Tomb of Abner is his 1839 book Korot Ha-Itim, which was translated into English as The Book of the Occurrences of the Times to Jeshurun in the Land of Israel. He states, "Here I write of the graves of the righteous to which I paid my respects ...

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