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  1. Urban Dictionary: yellow fever fever

    yellow fever unknown 1. A term usually applied to white males who have a clear sexual preference for women of asian descent, although it can also be used in reference to white females who prefer asian men. 2.

  2. Urban Dictionary: yellow fever fever

    yellow fever fever. A person, usually of Caucasian descent, who tends to be sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex who have yellow fever. White Girl 1: wow, that guys hot. White Girl 2: He only likes asians. White Girl 1: Damn, that always happens. White Girl 2: You've got a case of yellow fever fever.

  3. Urban Dictionary: yellow fever

    Yellow fever is a derogatory term used to describe non-East Asian men, usually Caucasian, who have a perceived sexual preference for East Asian women. The term "yellow fever" is racist because it contains the term "yellow", a term used to describe East Asians since they are perceived to have yellow skin.

  4. Urban Dictionary: yellow fever

    Yellow Fever unknown Slang term, used to mock non-asian people who are attracted to asian people. Usually of eastern descent - Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. Signs that someone/you has/have yellow fever include: 1) Obsession over a person of asian descent.

  5. Urban Dictionary: yellow fever

    Yellow Fever. 1. A case where a person (Female, Or Male) of different ethicity has interest in a person of Asian decent .

  6. Urban Dictionary: There's no fever like yellow fever's...

    There's no fever like yellow fever; There's no honor among Thebes; there's no i in team; There's no point in hiding. There's no protocol for monkeys; There's no step three! There's no such thing as fake siling labuyo. There's no such thing as free lunch; there's no there there; There's nothing else I can say; There's nothing in chamber 47. There's nothing in it

  7. Urban Dictionary: Yellow Fever Fellow

    A man who loves asians. John: You broke up with Ming so let's head out. Pete: Nah man I'm already back in the saddle with her cousin Jade Lin. John: Jesus bro, you're such a yellow fever fellow.

  8. Urban Dictionary: Yellow Fever Field Day

    Yellow Fever Field Day unknown The act of going to a highly populated area of Asians to have a field day } with hoarding asian pussy . in stony brook i had a yellow fever field day with all the hot asian pussy around there.

  9. Yellow fever | definition of yellow fever by Medical dictionary

    In the case of South American yellow fever, the infected human may return to the city, where an urban mosquito ( Aedes aegypti) serves as a viral vector, spreading the infection rapidly by biting humans. This form of the disease is known as urban yellow fever or epidemic yellow fever.

  10. Yellow fever | Definition of Yellow fever at

    Yellow fever definition, an acute, often fatal, infectious febrile disease of warm climates, caused by an RNA virus transmitted by a mosquito, especially Aedes aegypti, and characterized by liver damage and jaundice. See more.