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  1. Yellow fever - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Yellow fever is caused by yellow fever virus, an enveloped RNA virus 40–50 nm in width, the type species and namesake of the family Flaviviridae. It was the first illness shown to be transmissible by filtered human serum and transmitted by mosquitoes, by Walter Reed around 1900.

  2. Reston virus - Wikipedia

    While investigating an outbreak of Simian hemorrhagic fever (SHFV) in November 1989, an electron microscopist from USAMRIID named Thomas W. Geisbert discovered filoviruses similar in appearance to Ebola virus in tissue samples taken from a crab-eating macaque imported from the Philippines to Hazleton Laboratories in Reston, Virginia.

  3. It's wrong to blame bats for the coronavirus epidemic ...

    Mar 29, 2020 · A small colony of Townsend’s big eared bats at Lava Beds National Monument, Calif. Shawn Thomas, NPS/Flickr By Peter Alagona, University of California, Santa Barbara Genomic research showing that the COVID-19 coronavirus likely originated in bats has produced heavy media coverage and widespread concern. There is now danger that frightened people and misguided officials will try to curb the ...

  4. 黃病毒科 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书黃病毒科

    黃病毒科(学名: Flaviviridae )是一类正义单链RNA病毒,主要感染哺乳類動物,遺傳物質為單股線型的RNA,長度約9.6-12.3kb,5'端帽帶有甲基化的核苷酸。

    • 黃病毒科(Flaviviridae)
  5. Balloon Juice | What Do The Models Say About What Happens Next?

    Mar 29, 2020 · The fever course among patients with COVID-19 is not fully understood; it may be prolonged and intermittent. A limited number of reports describe identification of asymptomatic or subclinical infection on the basis of detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA or live virus from throat swab specimens of contacts of confirmed patients.

  6. Liste d'épidémie — Wikipédia'épidémie

    1 day ago · Morts Lieu date nom Maladie Ref. Nouvelle France: 1702–1703 Variole [45]> 18 000 (36% de la population) Islande: 1707–1709 grande épidémie de variole d'Islande

  7. Max Theiler – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

    1 day ago · Max Theiler (ur.30 stycznia 1899 w Pretorii, Kolonia Przylądkowa, zm. 11 sierpnia 1972 w New Haven, Connecticut, Stany Zjednoczone) – bakteriolog, wirusolog, epidemiolog pochodzący z Afryki Południowej.

  8. リバビリン - Wikipediaリバビリン

    開発. 1972年に「International Chemical and Nuclear Corporation:ICN社(現Valeant Pharmaceuticals社)」の Joseph T. WitkovskiとRonald K. Robinsによって開発された。

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  9. 愛はズボーン - Wikipedia愛はズボーン

    愛はズボーン(あいはズボーン)は、日本の4人組ロックバンド。. 2011年7月結成。 バンド名は「日本人にしか付ける事の出来ない名前」をテーマに命

  10. Jack London — Wikipédia

    1 day ago · Jack London naît à San Francisco.Trente ans plus tard, sa maison natale, au numéro 615 Third Street [9], est détruite lors du séisme de 1906.Une plaque y a été posée en 1953 par la Société Historique de Californie (California Historical Society).