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  1. Yellow fever breaks out in Philadelphia - HISTORY

    Oct 08, 2019 · The death toll from a yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia hits 100 on October 11, 1793. By the time it ended, 5,000 people were dead. Yellow fever, or American plague as it was known at the time ...

  2. Louisiana Purchase - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition by the United States of more than 530,000,000 acres (828,000 mi² or 2,100,000 km²) of territory from France in 1803, at the cost of about 3 cents per acre (7¢ per hectare); US$15 million or 80 million francs in total.

  3. Fever - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    Definition of fever in the Idioms Dictionary. fever phrase. ... Wikipedia Encyclopedia; ... five confirmed cases of yellow fever in unvaccinated travelers returning ...

  4. typhoid fever | Definition, Symptoms, & Treatment | Britannica

    Typhoid fever, acute infectious disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. The bacterium usually enters the body via ingestion of contaminated food or water. Most major epidemics have been linked to contaminated public water supplies. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of typhoid fever.

  5. Medical Encyclopedia: MedlinePlus

    The A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia includes over 4,000 articles about diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, and surgeries. It also contains an extensive library of medical photographs and illustrations.

  6. Yellow Fever: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Yellow fever is a serious, potentially deadly flu-like disease spread by mosquitoes. It’s characterized by a high fever and jaundice. Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and eyes, which is why ...