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  1. Yellowing | definition of yellowing by Medical dictionary

    Yellow fever has an incubation period of 3 to 6 days. It then manifests suddenly and intensely with fever, headache, muscular aches, and prostration. A few days later, the temperature suddenly falls, only to rise again. The pulse is originally very rapid, but then slows gradually to less than 50 beats per minute.

  2. Flaviviruses are named for the yellow fever virus - "flavus" means "yellow" in Latin. (Yellow fever was named because it often caused yellow-colored skin, called jaundice, in its victims.) Flaviviruses share a common size (40-65 nm) and symmetry (shape), and they look similar under an electron microscope. They are made of single-stranded RNA.

  3. Yellow fever virus | Article about yellow fever virus by The ...

    yellow fever, acute infectious disease endemic in tropical Africa and many areas of South and Central America. Yellow fever is caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which breeds in stagnant water near human habitations.

  4. Aëdes | definition of Aëdes by Medical dictionaryëdes

    Any of various mosquitoes of the genus Aëdes, including A. aegypti, which transmits diseases such as yellow fever and dengue. a·e′dine (-dīn, -dēn) adj. A·e·des (ā-ē'dēz) A widespread genus of small mosquitoes frequently found in tropic and subtropic regions; various species are vectors for yellow fever, dengue, and other human diseases.

  5. Define yellow fibers. yellow fibers synonyms, yellow fibers pronunciation, yellow fibers translation, English dictionary definition of yellow fibers. yellow fibers. Translations. English: yel·low fibersn. fibras amarillas.

  6. Continued fever, continuous fever | Article about continued ...

    Although modern science shows that fevers are not independent diseases, the names of a number of diseases have retained the term (as, for example, in Q fever, phlebotomus fever, and metal fume fever). Fever is the reaction of the thermoregulatory apparatus to those macromolecular substances, called pyrogens, that affect the chemoreceptors.

  7. Yellow fever vaccine | Article about yellow fever vaccine by ...

    A single dose of the yellow fever vaccine will protect against yellow fever for at least 10 years. Don't let a dire disease ruin your travel break; There are a number of ways to prevent ill health while on holiday, including tablets and vaccinations.

  8. Yellow foot synonyms, Yellow foot pronunciation, Yellow foot translation, English dictionary definition of Yellow foot. Noun 1. Cantharellus - a well-known genus of fungus; has funnel-shaped fruiting body; includes the chanterelles genus Cantharellus fungus genus - includes...

  9. Yellow-fever mosquito | Article about yellow-fever mosquito ...

    Looking for yellow-fever mosquito? Find out information about yellow-fever mosquito. A genus of the dipterous subfamily Culicinae in the family Culicidae, with species that are vectors for many diseases of humans. 1. In Roman antiquity, any... Explanation of yellow-fever mosquito

  10. Girard, Stephen | Article about Girard, Stephen by The Free ...,+Stephen

    Girard, Stephen (jĭrärd`), 1750–1831, American merchant, banker, and philanthropist, b. Bordeaux, France. Girard went to sea and at the age of 23 was a captain. In 1776 he set