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    1820 Savannah yellow fever epidemic 1820 Savannah, Georgia, United States: Yellow fever: 700 1821 Barcelona yellow fever epidemic 1821 Barcelona, Spain: Yellow fever: 5,000–20,000 Second cholera pandemic: 1826–1837 Asia, Europe, North America: Cholera: 100,000+ 1828–1829 New South Wales smallpox epidemic 1828–1829

  2. Yellow fever | definition of yellow fever by Medical dictionary

    Yellow fever, which is also known as sylvatic fever and viral hemorrhagic fever or VHF, is a severe infectious disease caused by a type of virus called a flavivirus.This flavivirus can cause outbreaks of epidemic proportions throughout Africa and tropical America.

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    In Brazil from 1980 to 1998, 376 cases of jungle yellow fever were laboratory confirmed (by virus isolation, with or without immunoglobulin [Ig]M-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [MAC-ELISA] and immunoperoxidase stain), with 216 deaths (case-fatality rate 57.4%).

  4. Yellow fever virus | definition of yellow fever virus by ...

    an arbovirus, the type species of the genus Flavivirus, in the family Flaviviridae, endemic in tropic Africa south of the Sahara and in tropic South America, occasionally spreading to countries outside these areas; it is the cause of yellow fever of humans and other primates; the virus exists in wild primates, and probably also in edentates, marsupials, and rodents, and is transmitted to ...

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    A single dose of the yellow fever vaccine will protect against yellow fever for at least 10 years. Don't let a dire disease ruin your travel break; There are a number of ways to prevent ill health while on holiday, including tablets and vaccinations.

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    Define yellow fever vaccine. yellow fever vaccine synonyms, yellow fever vaccine pronunciation, yellow fever vaccine translation, English dictionary definition of yellow fever vaccine. n. 1.

  7. Yellow Plague - definition of Yellow Plague by The Free ...

    Yellow Plague synonyms, Yellow Plague pronunciation, Yellow Plague translation, English dictionary definition of Yellow Plague. n. An infectious tropical disease caused by a flavivirus transmitted by mosquitoes of the genera Aedes, especially A. aegypti, and Haemagogus and...

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    Yellow Jack. In the 1870s, a series of yellow fever epidemics devastated Memphis, with the disease carried by river passengers along the waterways. During the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878, more than 5,000 people were listed in the official register of deaths between July 26 and November 27.

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    Yellow fever has an incubation period of 3 to 6 days. It then manifests suddenly and intensely with fever, headache, muscular aches, and prostration. A few days later, the temperature suddenly falls, only to rise again. The pulse is originally very rapid, but then slows gradually to less than 50 beats per minute.

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    Media in category "Yellow fever vaccine" The following 14 files are in this category, out of 14 total. Barros inaugura linha de produção da vacina de febre amarela (26025962128).jpg 4,928 × 3,280; 1.89 MB