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  1. Since people seemed to enjoy my Terra analysis and wanted to hear what I had to say about Yen Sid, here's a video all about him. His pros, his cons, and the issues with how he is written in the series. I wanted to avoid flat out bashing him so I did give him some credit in regards to the things I LIKED, but I hope my critiques still make sense.

  2. Jan 9, 2023 · Cid – another Final Fantasy mainstay and a persistent presence in many of the Kingdom Hearts games, Cid is an expert in air travel and mechanics. He is the first to befriend Sora when he lands in Traverse Town, helping him get his Gummi Ship up and running, which is needed to travel between worlds Kingdom Hearts Party members

  3. Yen Sid: You're not a keyblade master or strong enough to go to the Realm of Darkness until you know the Power of Waking, Sora. Go figure it out. Also Yen Sid: Yeah Ven'll be fine, Aqua. Just believe in him. Go hide him in a labyrinth. It's not like you, a keyblade master recognized by Eraqus, have the power to do anything about it.

  4. Is Yen Sid at fault for sitting in his chair until KH3 Something I've seen discussed a bit but I think it's an interesting topic 4 votes 0 Yes 0 No 0 He wouldn't change anything 0 He could've prevented Xehanort's plan Vote 0 Related Topics Kingdom Hearts Role-playing video game Gaming 0 comments Best Add a Comment More posts you may like

  5. Don't tell Nomura but I think I found out what Yen Sid's full name is. Vote. 4. Kingdom Hearts Role-playing video game Gaming. 4 comments. Best. Add a Comment. PrimaryAd1415 • 14 min. ago. Wait why is his first name spelled backwards "Walter".

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