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    Parody is often used to make a social or political statement. Examples include Swift's "A Modest Proposal", which satirized English neglect of Ireland by parodying emotionally disengaged political tracts; and, recently, The Daily Show, The Larry Sanders Show and The Colbert Report, which parody a news broadcast and a talk show to satirize political and social trends and events.

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    Uncyclopedia's articles often begin with quotations, usually misquoted, fictitiously attributed or entirely fabricated. Among the most recurrent themes is the invention of quotes attributed to Oscar Wilde, prompted by an article stating that inventing Wilde quotes was the "national sport of England", and themes such as "kitten huffing" (the inhalation of the souls of cats as a form of drug abuse).

    • January 5, 2005; 16 years ago
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  4. Welcome to The Parody Wiki. A fun site that lets your imagination run wild! Make up spoofs, make new movies, or even write an epic parody song or two. Have fun! Create a new spoof. You can also get some inspiration for your spoofs from the real-life parodies above. Helpful pages: Rules•Announcements•Random page

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