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  2. Yuan Shu - Wikipedia › wiki › Yuan_Shu

    Yuan Shu (pronunciation (help · info)) (died 199), courtesy name Gonglu, was a Chinese general and warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. He rose to prominence following the collapse of the Han central government in 189.

  3. Zhou Yu - Wikipedia › wiki › Zhou_Yu

    Zhou Yu was at Poyang County before Sun Quan held the discussion with his subjects, and Lu Su suggested to Sun Quan to summon Zhou Yu back for the meeting. Zhou Yu and Lu Su gave similar advice to Sun Quan, which resulted in Sun Quan arriving at his decision to go to war with Cao Cao.

  4. Chu Feng | Martial God Asura Wikia | Fandom › wiki › Chu_Feng

    Chu Feng is the main protagonist of the novel Martial God Asura. He is a member of the Chu Family in the Azure Province of the Nine Provinces Continent. Struggling for resources, Chu Feng's adventures bring him all over the Starry Sky. He meets new people, unfolds secrets and faces events that will push him into a path of endless fighting, tragedy and unending revelations. 1 Appearance 2 ...

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