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  1. No blast or fire in Polish presidential flight disaster — RT ...

    A Russian investigation has found no evidence of a blast or fire on board the Polish aircraft which crashed near Smolensk last month. “No explosives have been found on board the plane. Now experts are studying samples of the fuel,” said Russian General Prosecutor Yury Chaika at a joint media briefing with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej ...

  2. Lida Castle - Wikipedia

    In 1406, the family of Yury of Smolensk was locked up in Lida as hostages; his attempt to take the castle and liberate them was not successful. In 1433, Lida was a point of contention between Švitrigaila and his cousin Sigismund Kęstutaitis .

  3. Mayoral Elections Under Fire After Arrest | News | The Moscow ...

    Kachanovsky was circled by plainclothes officers from the Federal Security Service as he left the building where the Smolensk governor's office is located after a meeting at about 4:30 p.m. Friday ...

  4. Jul 03, 2015 · When the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stephen Báthory in the 16th century fought off the invasion of Ivan the Terrible and threw his horde beyond the Smolensk gate, the Muscovy was forced to move towards the Urals and Siberia. The expansion to the West was stopped for 75 years.

  5. The man who won the race to the stars - Russia Beyond

    Apr 12, 2013 · During World War II, German troops occupied Gagarin’s home village of Klushino in the Smolensk Region, about 100 miles west of Moscow. Yury and his brother Boris sabotaged the German garrison in ...

  6. Michael of Chernigov - Wikipedia

    Saint Michael of Chernigov or Mikhail Vsevolodovich (c. 1185 – Saray, 20 September 1246) was a Rus' prince (a member of the Rurik dynasty). He was grand prince of Kiev (1236–1240, 1240, 1241–1243); and he was also prince of Pereyaslavl (1206), of Novgorod-Seversk (1219–1226), of Chernigov (1223–1235, 1242–1246), of Novgorod (1225–1226, 1229–1230), and of Halych (1235–1236).


    Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch uses in everyday life, such as a 30,000-dollar-worth Breguet watch which Ukrainian journalists saw next to the rosary on the patriarch s wrist, a private airplane, a villa in Switzerland, a summer retreat in Peredelkino, and a palace in Gelendzhik.

  8. The many lives of Kostroma’s Epiphany-St. Anastasia Convent ...

    Kostroma. Epiphany-St. Anastasia Convent. From left: Church of Smolensk Icon of the Virgin, Epiphany Cathedral, Tretyakov Building. August 12, 2017.

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    (a) Yury (d1547) (b) Mikhail (d1559) (c) Elena (dau) 38. Elena (dau), Queen-Regent of Russia 1533-1538, wife of = Basil III, Czar of Russia 1505-1533 . 39. Ivan IV "The Terrible", Czar of Russia 1533-1584 = Mayvi, mistress. 40. Marfa "The Nun" (dau), via liaison with

  10. Angelfire: Welcome to Angelfire

    Basil I, GD 1389-1425, bro of Yury IV & Andrei = Sofiya, dau of Witowt , K of Lithuania (d1430), son of Kiejstut (d1382), son of Gedymin , GD of Lithuania (d1341), son of Lutuwer (d1294), nephew [sister's son] of Wojsilk (1264), son of Mindowe , who unified Lithuania in 1236

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