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  1. Coreopsis: Plant Care & Growing Guide › growing-and-using-coreopsis-in
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    You can find a handful of coreopsis varieties for sale as plants. For the best selection, order from catalogs or start your plants from seed. Hardiness will vary with species and cultivar, and not all coreopsis varieties are perennial plants. Many of the newer varieties are still be tested for hardiness and their ratings may change.

    Mature size varies with species, age, and growing conditions, but most coreopsis plants reach between 10 and 18 inches in height with a spread of about 12 to 24 inches. They tend to grow in clumps, but many varieties will self-sow throughout your garden. There are also a few that will spread by runners. Some of the taller species may require staking to look attractive, especially if grown in partial shade.

    Deadheading will keep the plants blooming throughout the summer. Some of the smaller flowered varieties are difficult to deadhead and you may prefer to shear the plants, once the first flush of flowers fade. They will fill in quickly.

    Coreopsis will bloom best in full sun, but it can also be successfully grown in partial shade. The plants may get a bit lankier in partial shade, but they will adapt. In areas with intense dry, heat, coreopsis may even prefer some afternoon shade. Most coreopsis varieties are very easy to grow and are not particular about soil quality or soil pH. They like well-draining soils and some, such as the thread leaf coreopsis, will tolerate dry, rocky soils. Heavy, wet soils can be problematic for the clump-forming varieties in winter; amending with compost will help. Coreopsis will need regular water when first planted until they are established. After that, they are drought tolerant. Water the plants deeply at least once a week to help new roots grow down deeply. Soil should be damp at about 1 inch below the soil surface (stick your finger in the soil to check.) Early morning watering is best, so the leaves have a chance to dry during the day. Many, although not all, coreopsis varieties can be grown from seed, either started indoors 4 to 6 weeks before your last expected frost or direct seeded outdoors. Many will seed themselves; however, the hybrid varieties do not grow true to seed. For the most part, coreopsis plants grow problem free. In damp seasons they many fall prey to snails and slugs and fungal diseases can affect them. To avoid these problems as much as possible, give them plenty of air circulation and plant them in full sun.

    Coreopsis plants prefer a warm climate and because they are native to prairies and dry plains, a dry environment. Occasional wet weather won't bother them, though.

    Fertilization of growing coreopsis is not necessaryin fact, too much fertilizer may inhibit flower production. If soils are already good, all you should need to do is add a little compost in the spring.

    Although they are rugged plants, they don't tend to live more than 3 to 5 years. A decrease in flowering is a signal it is time to divide the plants or plant some new ones from seed. For perennial coreopsis, if they begin looking weak with fewer flowers after three years or so, divide them if needed in spring or early fall.

  2. Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb' (Threadleaf Coreopsis) › plant › coreopsis-verticillata

    An excellent performer, award-winner Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb' (Threadleaf Coreopsis) is a compact perennial forming a gorgeous mound of finely divided leaves. Blooming continuously from early to late summer, it gets in covered with a profusion of bright golden-yellow blossoms. The airy clumps of fine, threadlike foliage on upright stems add a lovely delicate texture element to the ...

  3. May 21, 2020 · Coreopsis 'Zagreb' is a bright threadleaf tickseed that looks good at the front of the sunny border. Easier to grow than C. 'Moonbeam', 'Zagreb' is a taller fern-leaf coreopsis with a brighter bloom. It is easy to grow in well-drained and moderately fertile soil.

  4. Zagreb Coreopsis - McKay Nursery › zagreb-coreopsis-czagr

    Zagreb Coreopsis. A National Garden Bureau top perennial for 2018 and a popular choice for 2019! The Zagreb Coreopsis has a display of clear gold-yellow, small daisy-like blossoms from July to September. This plant has a light, airy foliage which is a good contrast with other perennial plants.

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  6. Zagreb Coreopsis | Knowledgebase | Johnson's Nursery › zagreb-coreopsis-verticillata

    Zagreb Coreopsis is a compact selection of Threadleaf Coreopsis ( Coreopsis verticillata) that is found in open woodlands, forest edges, and savannahs of the east coast. The species has been a popular garden plant for over 100 years, and for good reason. It’s easy to grow, divide, and naturalize, and it’s both long-blooming and long-lived.

  7. Coreopsis Zagreb, Coreopsis verticillata, Tickseed ... › coreopsis-zagreb

    Coreopsis Zagreb blooms a darker golden - yellow single pedaled flower that sit atop a lacey, somewhat mound forming green foliage. Zagreb blooms from summer to late summer and is deer resistant. Its best suited planted in full sun, in a rock garden and in poor soil conditions. (Tickseed) Zones. 4 - 9.

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  8. Plant Profile for Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb ... › plants › coreopsis-verticillata

    Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’. Threadleaf Coreopsis. USDA Zone: 4-9. Plant number: 1.165.220. Threadleaf Coreopsis forms a spreading clump of very delicate, ferny foliage. This compact selection bears loads of starry golden-yellow daisies, from early summer into the fall. Clipping off faded flowers will encourage buds to form all season.

  9. Coreopsis Zagreb -- Bluestone Perennials › COZA

    Coreopsis Zagreb - Common name:Threadleaf Coreopsis, Tickseed - Freely produced golden yellow flowers are a charming addition to your sunny garden. Blossoms of Coreopsis Zagreb appear on pure green slender foliage and continuously bloom from early summer right into fall.

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  10. Coreopsis Plant : How to grow and care Coreopsis | Growing ... › coreopsis-plant-grow-care

    May 18, 2021 · Coreopsis Plant (Tickseed ) Learn How to Grow and care Coreopsis, Growing Tickseed, pests and disease advice by our experts. From early spring to fall, Coreopsis is a low-maintenance drought-tolerant flowering plant that blooms for a long time. If you are looking for plants for your garden border or filler, Coreopsis is a good choice.

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