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  1. Rocker Zal Cleminson is feeling 'sensational' at 70 - BBC News › news › uk-scotland-highlands-islands

    May 03, 2019 · Zal Cleminson now plays guitar and performs lead vocals with heavy mental band sin'dogs. Zal Cleminson was a member of two of Scotland's most famous rock bands of the '70s but he fell out of love ...

  2. Rocker Zal Cleminson is feeling ‘sensational’ at 70 – The ... › 2019/05/03 › rocker-zal

    May 03, 2019 · Zal Cleminson was a member of two of Scotland’s most famous rock bands of the ’70s but he fell out of love with the music scene. As he celebrates his 70th birthday, the former Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Nazareth guitarist is back on stage and louder than ever. Zal has been playing music since he was a schoolboy in Glasgow in the early ...

  3. FOCUS ON : Nazareth | HRH Mag › 2020/07/27 › focus-on-nazareth

    Jul 27, 2020 · From ‘78 onwards, starting with the addition of second guitarist Zal Cleminson, Nazareth had a succession of lineup switcheroos and changes. With Cleminson on board, they recorded “No Mean City” and the fantastically titled eleventh album“Malice in Wonderland”.

    • Simon Bonney
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  5. The best Nazareth albums: a buyers' guide | Louder › features › nazareth-a-guide-to
    • Dave Ling
    • Razamanaz (Mooncrest, 1973) Following two relatively unfocused and poor-selling albums (1971’s self-titled debut and the following year’s Exercises), Razamanaz, recorded with Deep Purple’s Roger Glover, was their most consistent release.
    • Hair Of The Dog (Mooncrest, 1975) Nazareth had wanted to name this, their their sixth album, Son Of A Bitch but the censors wouldn’t let them. Instead they settled for Heir (later Hair) Of The Dog, which they felt was close enough.
    • Loud ‘N’ Proud (Mooncrest, 1974) That Nazareth elected to cover material written by Lowell George (Teenage Nervous Breakdown), Joni Mitchell (This Flight Tonight, a toughened-up worldwide hit that Mitchell herself later agreed the band had made their own) and Bob Dylan (The Ballad Of Hollis Brown) confirms that they thought less about royalty cheques and more of the quality of the songs they recorded.
    • Rampant (Mooncrest, 1974) As Roger Glover prepared to vacate the producer’s chair, Deep Purple’s Jon Lord added piano to the feisty 12-bar boogie Glad When You’re Gone and another typical slice of Nazareth barroom bonhomie, its first single, Shanghai’d In Shanghai.
  6. Nazareth's Dan McCafferty reveals the story behind "Vancouver ... › 2014/11/23 › 30-years-ago-nazareth

    Mar 12, 2016 · Before Rankin, the second guitarist in Nazareth was Zal Cleminson, who some will remember as the mime-faced madman in The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. So how does it feel to be back to the original lineup? “We like to try other things,” replies McCafferty, “and we have tried other things. But we like the original four-piece.

  7. Gears + Equipment Used By Zal Cleminson - Gemtracks › gears › zal-cleminson-32703

    Zal Cleminson Genres: Rock Occupation: Guitarist Bands: Nazareth, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Alistair Macdonald ZalCleminson (born 4 May 1949, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish guitarist, best known for his prominent role in The Sensational Alex Harvey Band between 1972 and 1978.

  8. Re: Nazareth › phorum52 › read

    Jun 09, 2021 · Then Zal Cleminson of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band joined, re-energized the band for the next 2 albums No Mean City and Malice In Wonderland, then departed. As they shifted styles from 1981 onward things went downhill, and the only album I really liked was Cinema from 1986.

  9. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band were a glam rock band formed in Glasgow in 1972. Fronted by Alex Harvey accompanied by Zal Cleminson on guitar, bassist Chris Glen, keyboard player Hugh McKenna and drummer Ted McKenna, their music veered from glam rock to experimental jazz, around a core of experimental and avant-garde rock, dealing with themes from environmentalism to chinese take away food.

  10. Alex Harvey: the sad story of his final years | Louder › features › alex-harvey-the

    Jun 09, 2021 · Zal joined Nazareth. Ted played with Rory Gallagher for three years then joined Chris in Michael Schenker Group. By the end of 1981 Alex had a new band, the Electric Cowboys, and a new album, The Soldier On The Wall. But when they took it on the road, the remaining supporters who bought tickets tended to wish they hadn’t.

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