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  2. A fence, also known as a receiver, mover, or moving man, is an individual who knowingly buys stolen goods in order to later resell them for profit. The fence acts as a middleman between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen.

  3. Ming Dynasty is a 2019 Chinese historical television series starring Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen, which aired on Hunan Television until 2020. It is adapted from the novel The Chronicle of the Six Eras (Chinese: 六朝纪事) by Lianjing Zhuyi (Chinese: 莲静竹衣), which is a fictionalised account of the life of Empress Sun, who was an empress consort of the Xuande Emperor.

  4. In The Family (Chinese: 一家人; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chi̍t-ke-lâng; lit. 'One Family') is a 2017 Taiwanese drama. It premiered on June 14, 2017, after the finale of Taste of Life, and continued its broadcast every weekday at 8pm on SET Taiwan.

  5. Haitao Lin, Liqun Ma, Junnan Zhu, Lu Xiang, Yu Zhou, Jiajun Zhang and Chengqing Zong. Detecting Speaker Personas from Conversational Texts. Jia-Chen Gu, Zhenhua Ling, Yu Wu, Quan Liu, Zhigang Chen and Xiaodan Zhu. CodeT5: Identifier-aware Unified Pre-trained Encoder-Decoder Models for Code Understanding and Generation

  6. Jun 02, 2021 · Genxing Zhu, Qi Liu, Fengyi Cao, et al., Silkworm cocoon derived N, O-codoped hierarchical porous carbon with ultrahigh specific surface area for efficient capture of methylene blue with exceptionally high uptake: kinetics, isotherm, and thermodynamics, RSC Adv., 2019, 9, 33872–33882.

  7. After the battle of Jing Dynasties, the royal priest Jing Qing and his wife are killed. Their oldest daughter Sun Ruowei (Wei Tang), is saved by the vice-general Sun Yu. She tries to avenge her parents but meet Zhu Zhanji (Yawen Zhu).

  8. Best of Chinese Dramas list by ... A series of unexpected events ensue and she becomes his unwilling wife. ... Likun Wang, Denny Huang, Yawen Zhu. Votes: 45. 37. ...