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  1. Created by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, Zits is about the life of Jeremy Duncan, a 15-year-old aspiring rock musician, riddled with boredom and parents who don't understand anything.

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  2. ArcaMax Zits Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's popular comic "Zits", the story of a teen and his parents trying to coexist (with humorous results), debuted in 1997 and has been running strong ever since.

  3. Jun 25, 2022 · Zits centers on Jeremy Duncan, a self-absorbed teenager, as he endures the insecurities, hormones and hilarity of adolescence. Depicting teenage and parental angst like no other comic strip, Zits focuses on Jeremy hanging out with his friends, playing gui

  4. Zits. Test your knowledge of the Zits comic strip. Points available: 10. 1:

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  6. Comic and Cartoon Teens. "Zits" is just one of many comics dealing with teenagers. How much do you know about teens in cartoons and other comic strips? Take this quiz to find out. Points available: 10. 1: The central teenage character in "Zits" is named: A) Josh. B) Michael.

  7. Zits Comic Strips - GoComics Zits Comic Strips 60 Results for Zits Comic Strips View 60 results for zits comic strips.Discover the best zits comics from, the world's largest comic strip site. Red and Rover by Brian Basset Garfield by Jim Davis Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis Explore GoComics

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