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  1. Look beyond the chocolate, cuckoo clocks and yodelling – contemporary Switzerland, land of four languages, is all about once-in-a-lifetime journeys, heart-racing Alpine pursuits and urban culture. Great Outdoors. Switzerland's ravishing landscapes demand immediate action – grab boots, leap on board, toot bike bell and let spirits rip.

  2. Budapest to Zurich & Switzerland from €39... Option 1, Budapest to Zurich by sleeper train - the safe, comfortable & time-effective option... The EuroNight sleeper train Kalman Imre leaves Budapest Keleti at 20:40 every night, arriving Zurich HB at 08:20 next morning.

  3. St. Gallen is situated in the northeastern part of Switzerland in a valley about 700 meters (2,300 ft) above sea level. It is one of the highest cities in Switzerland and thus receives abundant winter snow. The city lies between Lake Constance and the mountains of the Appenzell Alps (with the Säntis as the highest peak at 2,502 meters (8,209 ...

  4. As soon as Calatrava completed his doctorate in 1981, he opened his own office in Zurich. He designed an exposition hall, a factory, a library, and two bridges, but none were built, Finally in 1983, he began to receive commissions for industrial and transportation structures of increasingly greater size; he designed and built the Entrepôt Jakem, a warehouse in Münchwilen, Thurgau ...

  5. Or strike out to lesser-known yet beautiful coastal regions such as the Baltic and Black Seas. Mountain lovers should head to the Alps: they march across central Europe taking in France, Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy and tiny Liechtenstein. Raise a Glass. Cheers! Salud! Prost! Cin cin! À votre santé!

  6. Step 2, travel from Zurich to Milan by EuroCity train, leaving Zurich HB at 09:33 arriving Milan Centrale at 12:50. The EuroCity train has a restaurant car, power sockets at all seats & fee WiFi. It's a lovely ride across Switzerland through the Alps past various lakes. The magnificent Milan Centrale is a landmark in its own right.

  7. Paris to Geneva, Lausanne, Basel or Zurich by TGV-Lyria starts at €29 each way in 2nd class, €79 in 1st class. You'll find full details of London-Paris-Switzerland fares on the London to Switzerland page. Zurich to Milan by EuroCity train starts at €29 each way in 2nd class or €49 in 1st class.

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