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  1. Little Rock Police Department

    The Little Rock Police Department is committed to protecting life and property through Teamwork with the community while embracing mutual Respect and Understanding. Our mission is to provide professional Service that is unbiased, consistent and Transparent .

  2. Related Links | City of Little Rock

    LRPD Policies; LGBTQ Liaison; Parks and Recreation; Solid Waste Services; ... Become a police officerBuild a Better Blue. Court fees or parking ticketOnline Payments.

  3. Bad City of Little Rock: March 2018

    The complaint was filed in federal court Monday morning on behalf of LRPD officers Sgt. Willie Davis, Lt. Earnest Whitten, Sgt. Derrick Threadgill, and former LRPD officer Jackie Parker. Laux said Lt. Johnny Gilbert Jr. and Capt. Tonya Washington will join the complaint as soon as they receive letters saying they have the right to sue from EEOC.

  4. Little Rock Police Department - Home | Facebook

    The staff consists of police officers from the Little Rock Police Department that volunteer for five (5) days and four (4) nights with no expectations of additional pay. The officers truly enjoy the camp and believe in the mission of making a better community by being a positive example.

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  6. Update: LRPD Officer Suspended in April Incident Resigns

    LRPD officials confirm Jason Butler is still under a criminal investigation. Original story: LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock Police officials confirm they are investigating one of their own after an off-duty officer allegedly picked up a teenage girl who then brought her to his home.

  7. LRPD officers check in on registered sex offenders | KATV

    And on Saturday, officers went out and made sure the offenders were where they were supposed to be.Compliance checks, as LRPD officers check in on registered sex offenders | KATV

  8. Death in Little Rock: 'They hollered a couple ... - The Guardian

    She was still on the phone to the 911 dispatcher when police arrived. Less than two minutes later, according to a police recording of the scene obtained by the Guardian, Hawkins lay dead, shot four times by officers from the Little Rock police department (LRPD).

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    United States president, businessman, and television personality Donald Trump became widely known during the 2016 United States presidential election and his subsequent presidency for using nicknames to criticize or otherwise express commentary about media figures, politicians, and foreign leaders.

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    Squids, Jarheads, Grunts, and Other Military Colloquialisms. Newbies tend to take it a bit personally, and in the olden days -I think- a sailor calling a Marine a jarhead would be just grounds for a bar fight. Things have changed substantially in the military, and I don’t have any recollection of starting a fight, engaging in,...