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  1. Is that my buréka?: finnish rye crispbread

    [t]o the Finns, rye and bread made from rye are the same as spinach is to Popeye. Rye crispbread is still an essential part of the family diet. Soft, round, flat loaves with a hole in the middle, which in the old days were stored on horizontal poles under the ceiling in farmhouses, are made from rye by a fermentation process.

  2. Finnish bread - Wikipedia

    The most common types of Finnish rye breads are not sweet nor contain spices like caraway, unlike Swedish rye breads. ... Variants of crisp bread are thicker ...

  3. Knaakkebrod or Nakkileipa (Scandinavian-Style Rye Crisp Bread ...

    "This is a recipe for Norwegian rye crisp or hardtack called 'knaakebrod,' very similar to the Finnish variety named 'nakkileipa.' These crackers can be dried and stored a very long time, but they're better fresh!"

  4. Finn Crisp Original Rye Crispbread - Additional Sale

    Finn Crisp Original Rye Crispbread Crispy snacks have an all-natural, ... The lightweight crunch and dark rye flavor are a satisfying and healthy Finnish treat.

  5. Crispbread - Wikipedia

    Traditional western Finnish crispbread was (and still is) ... Crispbread traditionally consists of wholemeal rye flour, salt, and water. Today, however, ...

  6. Recipe: Rye Crispbread and Nordic Flatbread -

    RYE CRISPBREAD (HARDTACK) Makes 4 (10- to 12-inch) rounds. Note: From "The Finnish Cookbook," by Beatrice Ojakangas.

  7. Nigel Slater's crispbread recipes | Life and style | The Guardian

    Nigel Slater's crispbread recipes ... The commercial Scandinavian-style crispbreads are fine, dark with rye flour and pockmarked with holes, ...

  8. Rye Crisp & Cookies – Touch of Finland

    Finn Crisp Original Rye is a classic wholegrain rye crispbread in a ... These delicious Rye Crisp Crispbread, 7 ... Try the Finnish crispbread with ...

  9. Baking so much goodness into something so slim and delicious as rye ... delicate rye crisps to the public. But the crispbread baking ... in Finnish households since ...

  10. Rye crispbread (Knäckebröd) - Swedish food recipes

    A recipe for a Swedish style knäckebröd (rye crisp bread) using easily obtainable "instant" dried yeast, rye and white bread flour to produce a fantastic crispbread which is ideal for sharing.