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  1. Estimated Number of Jews Killed in the Final Solution

    Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

  2. What percentage of the world's Jews died during WW2? - Quora

    Estimates of the Jewish population in the WWII era are about 18 million. Hitler and the Nazis killed about six million people, mostly Jews. Stalin killed more than twice that many people in his purges and Gulags. Many of these victims were Jews. Soviet records are poor. Possibly half the world's Jews perished. Probably closer to 60%.

  3. In 1950, the Jewish population of Europe was about 3.5 million. In 1933, 60 percent of all Jews lived in Europe. In 1950, most Jews (51 percent) lived in the Americas (North and South combined), while only a third of the world's Jewish population lived in Europe. The Jewish communities of eastern Europe were devastated.

  4. Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

    Thirty-one percent of Americans, and 41 percent of millennials, believe that two million or fewer Jews were killed in the Holocaust; the actual number is around six million. Forty-one percent of Americans, and 66 percent of millennials, cannot say what Auschwitz was. And 52 percent of Americans wrongly think Hitler came to power through force.

  5. One-Third of Americans Don't Believe 6 Million Jews Were ...

    31 percent of the Americans surveyed, and 41 percent of millennials within that group, do not believe that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust and think the real death toll is at least 2 million lower. Adolf Hitler's fascist Nazi regime killed approximately 6 million Jews before and during World War II.

  6. Holocaust victims - Wikipedia

    Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Lithuania, Bohemia, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Latvia lost over 70 percent of their Jewish population; in Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Norway, and Estonia the figure was about 50 percent. Over one-third of the Soviet Union's Jews were killed; France lost about 25 percent of its Jewish population, Italy between 15 and 20%.

  7. 4 in 10 millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in ...

    A majority of American adults surveyed -- 70 percent -- agreed with a statement reading: "Fewer people seem to care about the Holocaust as much as they used to." And 58 percent of Americans believe that something like the Holocaust could happen again, the survey found. The study on Holocaust awareness and knowledge in the U.S. was conducted between February 23 and 27 and involved 1,350 interviews with American adults 18 and older.

  8. What percentage of Jews who lived in Europe in 1933 died in ...

    Best Answer: I don't believe there is any way you can determine the percentage of Jews who died in the Holocaust who were living in Europe in 1933.

  9. In Europe, before the start of World War 2 there were about 9.3 million Jews. About 6 million perished in the Holocaust, which gives a percentage of.

  10. The Holocaust - Wikipedia

    Using the most restrictive definition of the Holocaust produces a death toll of around six million Jews, the figure cited by Adolf Eichmann, one of the Holocaust's architects. The broadest definition would raise the death toll to 17 million.