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    • Modern Love?

      Modern Love?

      New York Times· 5 days ago

      The constructor Enrique Henestroza Anguiano is making his secondNew York Times Crossword appearance today, just under a year since he ...

    • Notoriously Fast Starter

      Notoriously Fast Starter

      New York Times· 4 days ago

      Ouska’s puzzle may play games with your heart. TUESDAY PUZZLE — Welcome back to the constructor Billy Ouska, who is making his second appearance in the...

    • Welcome to The Good Word

      Welcome to The Good Word

      The Atlantic· 2 days ago

      It may come as no surprise that I love the English language very much. At its best, a crossword puzzle is a snapshot of language as it’s currently being...

    • Send in the Clowns

      Send in the Clowns

      New York Times· 3 days ago

      Christopher Youngs makes his New York Times Crossword debut. WEDNESDAY PUZZLE — This is a welcome debut from Christopher ...

    • 10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

      10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

      US News Health· 18 hours ago

      With the holidays in full swing, I thought it might be helpful to offer up some healthy gift ideas suggested by my nutrition pals. And while we're on the...