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  2. Synonyms for darkness black, blackness, candlelight, dark, dusk, gloaming, gloom, murk, night, semidarkness, shade, shadows, twilight, umbra Words Related to darkness midnight blackout, brownout, dimout shadiness, umbrage dullness (also dulness), somberness cloudiness, fogginess, haziness, mistiness, murkiness dimness, faintness, gloominess,

  3. 328 words to describe darkness 328 words to describe darkness The room was in utter darkness. I saw it staring at me through all the gloom, all the thick darkness, and I heard its terrible bow, wow! '

  4. 'Stygian,' 'Umbra,' and Other Words for Darkness Words borne from the dying of the light Stygian Definition: extremely dark, gloomy, or forbidding The "dark and gloomy" sense of stygian is a figurative one, as the original meaning of the word (which may also be found in capitalized form) was decidedly literal ("of or relating to the river Styx").

    • Cimmerian. n. any member of a mythical tribe believed to inhabit a land of perpetual mist and darkness on the border between the worlds of the living and dead.
    • crepuscular. adj. of animals, the quality of being active near twilight; or, being of twilight itself. If an animal loves the morning dew or the long shadows of nighttime, it may be referred to by this term.
    • gloaming. n. a literary term for dusk. “Gloaming” bears the innately poetic rhythm that “crepuscular” lacks, but does not encompass the almost-rhyme shared between that and words like “creeping,” “creepy,” and “crepitate.”
    • lugubrious. adj. looking sad or dismal. The long vowel sounds in this word stick to the roof your mouth like peanut butter. Although sluggishness isn’t a hallmark trait of darkness, the depressingly long amount of time it takes to spit out “lugubrious” lends it a sort of extra-dismal quality.
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