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    What are the good and bad about Industrial Revolution?

    What are some negative things about the Industrial Revolution?

    What are the good and bad effects of the Industrial Revolution?

    Why the Industrial Revolution was bad?

  2. Nov 11, 2019 · Pro: The good the Industrial Revolution brought with it were steam engines, more houses, money, and more clothing Con: The bad that is brought with the Industrial Revolution was the heavy swerage, child labour and heaps of pollution… Pro: There was more technology, less human labour in the creation of more products, more uniform products. Did the Industrial Revolution do more harm than good? The Industrial Revolution caused more harm than good, because of all the pollution, deaths, and ...

  3. Jul 22, 2022 · List of the Cons of the Industrial Revolution 1. It led to a significant amount of wealth inequality.. Before the Industrial Revolution occurred, the only people who... 2. The Industrial Revolution led to an overcrowding in the cities.. Many migrants began to make their way to the... 3. It creates a ... Visit site

  4. The Industrial Revolution Is Bad!!! This article is about how the industrial revolution was bad. It will be surrounded by how the domestic system, the women and children and etc were terrible! There are many reasons why we believe that what is going on right now is just down right stupid. These are the reasons why we think this is terrible.

  5. There were great things and bad things that came with the Industrial Revolution. The car was invented, modern buildings were built, free education was made for everyone, the change in the class structure in the world. There were also bad things that include child labor, working conditions were horrendous, the coal mines were atrocious.

  6. Aug 19, 2021 · The Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century. The Industrial Revolution is a dark time in the Victorian era where, many kids from poor families or orphans were forced to work endless hours everyday to little to no pay. Many kids died in tragic work accidents or illness from the job.

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