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  1. A major branch of classical mythology, Greek mythology is the body of myths originally told by the ancient Greeks, and a genre of Ancient Greek folklore.These stories concern the origin and nature of the world, the lives and activities of deities, heroes, and mythological creatures, and the origins and significance of the ancient Greeks' own cult and ritual practices.

  2. Roman conquerors of the Hellenic East allowed the incorporation of existing Greek mythological figures such as Zeus into their coinage in places like Phrygia, in order to "augment the fame" of the locality, while "creating a stronger civil identity" without "advertising" the imposition of Roman culture. [10]

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    The gods and goddesses in Greek mythology have special parts in the world. For instance, Zeus is the god of the sky, Poseidon is the god of the sea and Hephaestus is the god of metal work, forging and fire. They can make themselves invisible to humans and move to any place in a very short amount of time. Gods and goddesses also never get sick and c...

    The Greeks believed that the sun was pulled across the sky by a chariot driven by the god, Apollo, (Or Helios, as some say, the titan who drove the 'sun chariot' across the sky before his successor Apollo) and he himself was the god of archery, poetry, and Oracles. Every day, Apollo would drive the Sun Chariotacross the sky.

    The Ancient Greeks believed that in the beginning, the world was in a state of nothingness which they called Chaos. Suddenly, from light, came Gaia (Mother Earth) and from her came Uranus (the sky) along with other old gods (called primordials) like Pontus (the primordial god of the oceans). Gaia and Uranus had 12 children, the Titans. The most imp...

  4. Dec 19, 2019 · Here is an abridgment of 30 of the most famous tales from Greek Mythology. The Infant Zeus Nurtured by the Goat Amalthea, by Nicolas Poussin [Public Domain] 1. Theogony: Clash of the Titans According to Hesiod’s Theogony, in the beginning, there was only Chaos.

  5. Introduction. "Greek Mythology" refers to stories made by the ancient Greeks about the occurrences of daily events. Generally, myths arise when man attempts to explain how certain natural phenomena could occur, or to explain open questions like "What happens after death?" One of the oldest known Greek myths is the epic poem of Odyssey, telling ...

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