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  1. 80 Hits of The 80's

    • 4.5 average rating based on 7 reviews
    • Bought it as a secret santa pressie and the recipient was reminiscing all meal!! Read more
    • So much 80's music but not enough great hits I think but overall great cd. Read more
    • leuke hits uit de 80s, zeer veel hits Read more
    • The CD's are packaged in a sturdy cardboard case when opened up each CD is placed in an individual plastic compartment similar to a standard CD case. A nice mix of music from the 80s on 4 discs. A lot of the songs and artists were popular in the UK and Europe during the 80s not necessarily in the US. The 1st pic shows what the CD Case looks like from the cover to the inside also what the CD's look like. The 2nd pic shows the back of the CD Case which shows the track/artist info for each song on each of the 4 CD's. Read more