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Ace Hardware

4.50 average rating based on 66,577 reviews

  • BizrateNov 8, 2019
    Ace HW is not the first place I look. Usually Home Depot or Lowes. If I get a circular I will look and compare prices. Read more
  • TrustpilotSep 5, 2019
    Had poor experience ordering online at Ace Hardware. Ordered parts online to be picked up in store in Firestone CO. Online order said would be available same day, so ordered, paid w CC and thought all was good. Went into the store next day to pick up and they had no record of the order, so ended up... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsSep 9, 2019
    They are a horrible store who is full of corporate greed and they just don't care about customers when they are at their most serious list of needs you could go there and just purchased anything during a week when a hurricane is in the area and you are not allowed to return it they are a horrible... Read more